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  • Feb 26th 2018

    Tony Conrad: Surplus Affect. Saturday, March 3 at 7 PM – 9 PM Burchfield-Penney Art Center

    Spanning from 1981-2011, this screening brings together a selection of video artworks that explore Conrad’s ongoing interrogation of control and discipline through the affective qualities of humor, music, image and language. Surplus Affect will feature rarely screened works like In Santa Fe with Tony Conrad and Steina Vasulka, I’ve Never Been… and Lookers; and classics including In-Line, Redressing Down and Tony’s Oscular Pets.

    This program is curated by DMS alums Laura McGough (PHD) and Anna Scime (MFA). Presented in collaboration with “Introducing Tony Conrad: A Retrospective at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery”

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  • Oct 6th 2017

    Annette Daniels-Taylor (MFA candidate), Matt McCormick (MFA ’15), and Anna Scime (MFA ’12) present Poetics of the Moving Image Panel at BIFF

    Poetics of the Moving Image Panel

    Moderated by Anna Scime

    Through discussion of their work as creative and critical praxes, this panel of filmmakers (Matt McCormick) and digital poets (Annette Daniels Taylor) explores the power of the moving image through a poetic lens focusing on devices like point of view, structure, rhythm, mood, metaphor, mise-en-scène and more. Followed by Q&A.

    Burchfield Penney Art Center – Saturday, October 7, 11:30AM

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  • Aug 28th 2015

    Squeaky Wheel Peep Show: Dirty Thirty

    ONE NIGHT ONLY! AUGUST 29, 2015!

    peep show

    Media Arts Center Squeaky Wheel hosts their “one-night only art party extravaganza” Saturday, August 29, 2015 on the penthouse floor of 500 Seneca St in Buffalo’s historic Hydraulic District.

  • Jul 9th 2012

    Glass Bottom Float at Beaver Island State Park: “Public Quarrels”

    beach kiosk

    Come and join the Glass Bottom Float at Beaver Island State Park this month for the “Public Quarrels” presentations. You can also stop by at any time during their month-long stay at the beach, where they’re doing water quality monitoring, swimmer interviews, and real-time data processing, as well as just reading and hanging out at the mobile Beach Kiosk.

    Below is some more information about the project, including specific dates and times of the Quarrels.

    Glass Bottom Float
    Beaver Island State Park, Grand Island, NY

    Glass Bottom Float combines data from people with data from sensors in order to better understand what constitutes ‘a good day for a swim’. It creates a new way of representing water quality that recognizes, and utilizes, the different ways that people and machines perceive the world around them.

    The project’s 2012 headquarters is the Beach Kiosk, a mobile office container that has been converted into a combination library, laboratory, workshop and public data center. The Beach Kiosk will be the meeting place for a series of moderated conversations on environmental concerns called “Public Quarrels.” Each quarrel will involve a diverse pairing of academics, activists, artists, community members and engineers, allowing divergent viewpoints to be articulated side by side.

    The Beach Kiosk is located at the western end of the beach boardwalk. All Public Quarrels are open to everyone and last approximately 60 minutes. The Beach Kiosk will provide shade. Bring a blanket and refreshments when you join us.

    Methods of engagement – abstraction and intuition
    Thursday, July 5 at 3:00 PM

    Artists speak to and of the environment very differently than scientists do. In the hand of the artist, the camera-sensor becomes an expressive medium that can capture the unexpected. When environmental scientists model the environment, they see the world in a different fashion. Is there a common ground between these two different ways of engaging with the world?

    Anna Scime (UB) and Joseph Atkinson (UB)

    Anna Scime is a Buffalo-based multimedia artist, primarily working in video and film. She is an MFA Candidate and Adjunct Instructor in the Department of Media Study at the University at Buffalo.

    Joseph Atkinson is a professor in the Department of Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering at UB, and has interests in water quality, sediment transport, and ecosystem processes and modeling. He generally works with multidisciplinary groups, especially on issues related to the Great Lakes and to stream remediation.

    Research in and practice of resource management
    Friday, July 13 at 3:00PM

    Researchers have developed many different theories and methodologies to understand and observe the environment. Not all of them find their way into everyday resource management. Are the currently practices in tune with state-of-the-art research? Which new approaches and insights will be most effective in future everyday practices? Can the gap between research and practice be bridged?

    Meg Janis (NYS Parks) and Hrönn Brynjarsdóttir (Cornell)

    Meg Janis has been working for New York State Parks in the Western District as a biologist for the past 4 years.  Her work focuses on natural resource stewardship including invasive species control, wildlife management, water quality monitoring, and habitat restoration.

    Hrönn Brynjarsdóttir is a PhD candidate in Information Science at Cornell University. She uses an ethnographic methodology and critical technical practice to gain a deeper understanding of how information technology and culture intersect in our lives.

    Local waters and globalization
    Friday, July 20 at 3pm

    The Great Lakes feed the economies and cities surrounding them. Industries surrounding the Great Lakes use and misuse the waters due to insufficient oversight and lax enforcement. Will globalization remedy or accelerate cross-border resource misuse? Are there attempts to build new cultures of transnational water resource monitoring? How should one conceive of national autonomy when water resources such as the Great Lakes are global assets?

    Justin Read (UB) and Margaret Wooster (Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper)

    Citizen science and activism
    Tuesday, July 24 at 3:00 PM

    Who is best qualified to speak for the environment? Can and should citizens take charge of their surroundings and improve environmental monitoring? What kind of new forms of activism and new agency might emerge from these efforts?  How can the academy and the community collaborate to make lasting change?

    Lynda Schneekloth and Chris Lowry (UB)

    Lynda Schneekloth is a landscape architect and Professor Emerita of the School of Architecture and Planning at the University at Buffalo.  She was one of the founders of the Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper and is currently chair of the Sierra Club Niagara Group.

    Chris Lowry is a hydrogeologist and an assistant professor in the department of Geology and the University at Buffalo.  His research focusing on groundwater dependent ecosystems and quantifying groundwater flow through field observations and numerical models.

  • Feb 20th 2012

    Anna Scime’s doc screens at Buffalo’s Choices and Challenges

    everybody lives downstream

    Saturday, February 25, 2012, 2–5 pm
    Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Auditorium
    Burchfield Penney Art Center at Buffalo State College
    1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14222

    Buffalo’s Choices and Challenges, hosted by the Center for Economic and Policy Studies at Buffalo State College in cooperation with Artvoice, begins on February 25 with a screening of Anna Scime’s film Everyone Lives Downstream (2011), a documentary created as part of Squeaky Wheel’s Channels: Stories from the Niagara Frontier, in partnership with Riverkeeper. The film traces the roots of today’s Army Corps of Engineers dredging project on the Buffalo River. More info.

  • Feb 20th 2012

    8th Berlin International Director’s Lounge: Anna Scime and Marjorie Hernandez-Tejada

    The program Urban Research, curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr for Directors Lounge 2012, reaches beyond the genre “city films”. Contemporary artists are engaged in local politics, they are concerned with specific urban problems and developments, and they are directly interacting with the public with performances and public interventions. Due to rapid changes of urban environment, place is no more a reliable urban structure connected with consistency and collective memory. Place must be reinvented and newly defined over and over, and this does not only apply for spaces of temporary use. Public space in the sense of social interchange and interaction — as well as just a space free to use — is not a given opportunity any more, which can be taken for granted. International artists address these themes and issues with a variety of forms, experimental, documentary, abstract, and narrative; they intervene directly or they show there visions of public space, and a new urban landscape.

    Anna Scime (Master of Fine Arts Candidate) and exchange student Marjorie Hernandez-Tejada (Diploma in Architecture / Masters of Science Candidate, Media Architecture, Bauhaus University Weimar) have each been selected to screen work in the 8th Berlin International Director’s Lounge Festival (February 9-19, 2012).

    Anna Scime will screen an excerpt of both sunvein and everybody lives downstream.
    image from: everybody lives downstream 2010 (28 min)
    urban research special screen program: Monday, February 13 @ 8 pm

    image from: sunvein 2010 (8 min 31)
    urban research special screen program: Monday, February 13 @ 8 pm

    Marjorie Hernandez-Tejada will screen Here as a world premiere.
    image from: Here 2011 (5 min 48)
    the future is now, the city imagination: Wednesday, February 15 @ 6 pm

  • Dec 5th 2011

    Channels: Stories from the Niagara Frontier

    channels site feature image

    When: Sunday, December 11, 2011 @ 3pm
    Where: Burchfield Penney Art Center, 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY
    Featuring: Anna ScimeJohn FinkVincenzo Mistretta

    Please join us for the premiere screening of  four new short documentaries produced through Squeaky Wheel’s Channels: Stories from the Niagara Frontier initiative. Channels pairs area filmmakers with activist groups to produce videos about significant issues impacting our communities. This year’s projects highlight Buffalo’s water and air quality, the Peace Bridge expansion project, and community building on the city’s East Side.

    The Videos:
    Everyone Lives Downstream by Anna Scime & Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper
    This video examines the history of this city’s complicated relationship with the Buffalo River – the way we continue to alter this body of water through industrial exploitation as well as remediation and restoration efforts.

    Living in the Shadow of the Bridge by Mark Barner & Niagara Gateway Columbus Park Association / Buffalo West Side Environmental Defense Fund
    This video depicts the negative impact that the uncertainty the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority’s constantly changing expansion plans has on the quality of life, property value, and the health of West Side residents.

    Reclamation by John Fink & the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Resurrection
    This video focuses on an inclusive community centered around this 100 year old congregation that has been continually adapting to challenges facing the health, safety, and economic stability of their often neglected neighborhood.

    You Are Where You Live by Vincenzo Mistretta & the Clean Air Coalition of Western New York
    This video chronicles the personal stories of the Clean Air Coalition’s fight for the people’s right to a healthy environment.

    everybodylivesdownstream  reclamation  clean air

    Channels 2011 is generously supported by the Nathan Cummings Foundation

  • Nov 2nd 2011

    Fluid Borders: Anna Scime


    Fluid Borders by Anna Scime
    Location: Front window of Space 224, Allen Street, Buffalo, NY
    : November 4th, 2011 – November 30th, 2011
    : From dusk until dawn

    A videographic essay in three parts, fluid borders paints an atmospheric portrait of the city of Buffalo’s interaction with its surrounding river and stream bodies. Focusing on three main areas – the Buffalo River, Niagara Strait, and Scajaquada Creek – this piece surveys the land surrounding these water bodies, their surfaces, and what lies underneath. An endless stream of binaries is presented between past and present, dry and wet landscapes, animal and human populations, ecology and culture, the surface and the submerged, and the polluted and the pristine.

    Part 1: everybody lives downstream travels through the Buffalo River from its origin at the confluence of Cayuga and Buffalo Creeks to the Central Wharf.
    Part 2: black rock, pink sky travels up and down the Niagara Strait from Buffalo’s Outer Harbor to the Grand Island Bridge.
    Part 3: sunvein travels along Scajaquada Creek, popping in and out of the water from Forest Lawn to the Black Rock Canal.

    Anna Scime is a Buffalo-based multimedia artist, working primarily in video and film. She is an MFA candidate in the Department of Media Study at the University at Buffalo.
    Sponsored in part by The Baird Foundation, Microsoft Research, UB Humanities Institute, and UB College of Arts & Sciences.

    For more information, please visit:
    An open reception will be help at Space 224 on Friday, November 4th from 7-10pm.

  • Mar 14th 2011


    Exchange Stories Symposium
    A one-day symposium, free and open to the public

    Sunday, March 20th from 3 – 6 pm
    @ Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center
    341 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14202

    Exchange Stories:
    Economics, Labor, and Interchange Explored in the Moving Image

    How can we use make and use media to envision the ever-shifting connections of global economics?

    Exchange Stories seeks to explore how current economies are being represented in contemporary European video and film. Incorporating the films of several artists, this seminar will examine different forms of economic practice as forms of cultural practice, raising questions such as how economic practice operates in contemporary cultures. The film program employs a wide range of approaches including experimental, documentary, auto-ethnographic and vérité strategies, which sometimes analytically, sometimes ironically deal with these topics. The presented films each individually try to activate new forms of understanding and “doing” or “thinking” economy.


  • Feb 21st 2011

    PEEPSHOW 2011: It’s Complicated

    PEEPSHOW 2011: It’s Complicated – Squeaky Wheel’s high-energy fundraising art party & art-stravaganza!
    When: Saturday, February 26, 2011, 8:00 p.m. – 1:00a.m.
    Where: DNIPRO Ukrainian Center (562 Genesee St.)
    Price: $15 pre-sale and $20 at door price ($15 for students w/ ID)

    Squeaky Wheel is at it again! On February 26th, this Buffalo based media arts center is hosting their annual fundraiser showcase this year at the Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center. This unique multi-level venue will be the jam-packed with works of art from over 40 artists, featuring a massive dose of live music performances, an art auction, and interactive art projects such as an auto-playing musical instrument consisting of 12 vibrating dildos by Brian Larson Clark, 50-foot-long kinetic sculptures crafted from flexible tubes containing intelligent lights that moves with the rhythm of the music by Joel Resnikoff and even a human mirror ball. Purchase your tickets today and become part of the fun and games this year.

    For those of you interested to get the first crack at the art auction, get a ticket for the Peepshow PEEP! Pre-party from 7:00-8:00pm. Pre-party tickets are available online and include adjacent parking, first bid at the art auction, complimentary cocktails, authentic Ukrainian hors d’oeuvres, a VIP video screening at 8:00pm, and music by After Hours.

    Advance tickets will be sold for $15 at Squeaky Wheel, Café Taza, Sweetness 7, Talking Leaves and online.


  • Sep 23rd 2010



    A curatorial collaboration of twelve regional museums and galleries, Beyond/In Western New York 2010: Alternating Currents is a contemporary, multi-venue arts exhibition. It will present the work of outstanding artists from Western New York and Southern Ontario, Northeastern Ohio and Northwestern Pennsylvania and for the first time, feature the work of artists from outside the region, blurring the local with the global and challenging the assumptions of what these distinctions mean today, when all artists are both.

    Beyond/In kicks off this evening, Thursday, September 23, 2010 with a high-wire walk at the Liberty Building by reknown French tight-rope walker, Didier Pasquette.

    Featuring the participation of many artists affiliated with the Department of Media Study including: Josephine Anstey, Jordan Dalton, Elyse Harzynski, Barbara Lattanzi, Carl Lee, Luke Noonan, Dave Pape, Cayden Mak, Brian Milbrand, Geoffrey Alan Rhodes, Anna Scime, Mark Shepard, Jessica Thompson, members of virocode and more.

  • Jul 28th 2010

    2010 Buffalo Infringement Festival

    infringement fest

    The 2010 Buffalo Infringement Festival
    Thursday, July 22 — Sunday, August 1

    Featuring Media Study students and faculty. Over 700 performances! Over 350 plays, bands, art installations, films, parties, etcetera! Over 50 venues (and non-venues) in and around the Allentown neighborhood of Buffalo, NY!

    Media Study folks include: Intermedia Performance Studio, Jordan Dalton, Ron Douglas, Ekrem Serdar, Liz Chow, Josh Parkins, Michael Beitz, Masha Sha, Anna Scime, Neil Terry, Joshua Strauss and Lulldozer.

    The official schedule is online! See the schedule page for the complete list of shows, including updates to the printed program in the July 22 ArtVOice.

    Art Under the Radar
    Every summer, the streets of Buffalo come alive with scores of events by local and visiting theatre and dance companies, puppeteers, media artists, poets, comics, musicians, cabaret acts, digital designers, and miscellaneous insurrectionists. The annual Buffalo Infringement Festival provides artists and audiences of all backgrounds the chance to come together, take chances, push boundaries, and explore uncharted territory because exciting art can happen anywhere, anytime, without a blockbuster budget. (Or any budget at all, for that matter.)

  • Apr 27th 2010

    Artists & Models: STIMULUS, May 1, 2010

    stimulus poster

    Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center presents the 22nd incarnation of Artists & Models: STIMULUS, a rousing evening of art installations, performances and live music at the Rock Harbor Yard, 57 Tonawanda St., Buffalo. This year features the work of Media Study grad students, alumni and faculty including work by 404 Error (Anna Scime, Isaac Johnson, Liz Chow, Josh Parkins, James Boatwright, Scott Ries, Olivier Delrieu-Schulze, John Fink, Brian Clark), Al Larsen, Vincenzo Mistretta and Tammy McGovern, among others.

    Visit Hallwalls to learn more. They are also looking for volunteers!

  • Oct 16th 2009

    Center for the Moving Image announces "Bridge Project" student grant awards

    brdige pic

    Seven DMS graduate students have been awarded grants through the Center for the Moving Image (CMI) in the Department of Media Study to support individual films based on their participation in “The Bridge: An International Art Initiative”.

    Last spring the CMI hosted Richard Foreman, a pioneer of American avant-garde theater, and his collaborator Sophie Haviland for an intensive two week film and theater production at the Ukrainian Center in Buffalo. The footage created from that project is now part of “The Bridge”, which has been to nine countries conducting similar workshops. The students will be using the footage made in Buffalo to create their own films.

    The seven grant recipients for 2009-10 are: Anna Scime ($1000), Scott Ries ($1000), Kerri Kieser ($1000), Yuichiro Yamada ($1000), Olivier Delrieu-Schulze ($1000), Loren Sonnenberg ($1000), and Brett Williams ($500). A screening of their work will be held in Buffalo and New York City next spring.

    Emmy award-winning filmmaker Elliot Caplan, Artistic Director of the CMI and UB professor of Media Study said, “We were the first location chosen in the United States for this prestigious and far-reaching project. We are thrilled that our students will be able to contribute to its continued success and capitalize on this opportunity by producing another generation of work.”

    The grants were made possible through the generous support of the Liberace Foundation and the Dean’s Office in the UB College of Arts and Sciences.

    For more information on The Bridge:

  • Oct 8th 2009

    &NOW: Innovative Writing & the Literary Arts


    The 4th Biennial &Now Festival of Innovative Writing & the Literary Arts will be held in Buffalo, NY from October 14-17, 2009.

    The &Now Festival explores intersections between creative and critical praxes, examines innovative and experimental acts of writing, and advances a serious inquiry into theories of language.

    featuring Media Study students Anna Scime (poetics of moving images) and Adam Liszkiewicz (poetics of video games) and Media Study faculty Josephine Anstey (virtual reality and stream of consciousness), and Loss Pequeño Glazier (language arts practice).

    “Poetics Across Media” proposes to examine innovative incursions of the poetic into and across media. Through analyses of digital/poetry, film, video games, and virtual reality, this panel hopes to expand and better delineate the potentials of contemporary literature.

    Moderator/co-moderator: Loss Pequeño Glazier/Adam Liszkiewicz.

    WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2009,
    8:00-8:50 pm, Hallwalls Cinema (340 Delaware Ave, Buffalo).

  • Sep 21st 2009

    Digital Media Poetics Events Fall 2009

    Fall 2009, Department of Media Study, SUNY Buffalo

    Monday, September 21 (Gender Week Event), 3-5 PM, 112 CFA

    Wednesday, September 23 (Gender Week Event), 3-5 PM, 112 CFA

    Monday, October 5 (Gender Week Event), 3-5 PM, 112 CFA

    Monday, October 19, 3-5 PM, 232 CFA

    Monday, November 9, 3-5 PM, 232 CFA

    Monday, November 16, 3-5 PM, 232 CFA

    All events will take place in the Center for the Arts, SUNY Buffalo, North
    . Sponsored by the Electronic Poetry Center , Dept. of Media Study, SUNY Buffalo and, in part, by Gender Week, Institute for Research and Education on Women and Gender. Series Curators: Loss Pequeño Glazier and Anna Scime.