MA in Film and Media Study Overview

Traditionally, Film Studies was based on the concept of film as a discrete medium. The advent of computational technologies in the 1990’s changed this concept. Digital technologies acted as a universal solvent, and enabled formerly separate forms of media not only to morph into one another but to develop in entirely new ways.

In this environment Film Studies inevitably becomes Film and Media Study and can embrace work on everything from the use of film and animation in gallery installation to studies on the narrative structure of games. Our MA degree in Film and Media Study recognizes this by allowing participants to place their interests in film/media in the widest possible context.

The MA in Film and Media Study is a 36 credit degree. Students take 12 to 15 credit hours in the Department of Media Study, 12 – 15 credit hours in another department or concentration, six credit hours of electives and complete a 6 credit hour project or written thesis. This degree can be done in 3 semesters of full-time study.

This degree can be used in many ways. For example:

  • If you are transitioning between disciplines – moving from English or History to Film or Media Studies – and you plan to continue by applying to a Ph.D. program in these areas our MA can give you the basic courses and skills you need to submit a strong application.
  • If your interests require you to assemble a set of skills which can only be found in a number of different departments our MA will enable you to assemble these in one degree.

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