DMS Student Show 2018

entries closed


PLEASE NOTE: If you submitted your film but you did not receive an acceptance email from us, it means that your film is not selected by the selection committee for 2018 DMS show.


Selection Committee Members
Mani Mehrvarz (Curator) – Ph.D Candidate
Annette Daniels Taylor – MFA Candidate
Nitasha Dhillon – Ph.D Candidate
Maryam Muliaee – Ph.D Candidate
Leonardo Aranda Brito – Ph.D Candidate
Elizabeth Zelenka – Undergrad Media Study
Roger Torres – Undergrad Media Study



The DMS Show is an annual event for undergrad and graduate students from UB’s Department of Media Study to showcase their work from the school year. Selected works are displayed in various locations in the Department of Media Study in the Center for the Arts, and selected films play in CFA 112.

Selected participants will receive audience and faculty favorite awards in each category.
The committee is dedicated to making this year’s show better than ever!!

Submit your FILMS, GAMES, INSTALLATIONS, VIDEO-ART, WEB-BASED PROJECT, INTERACTIVE WORKS by May 3rd, 2018 for a chance to compete in the May 14th DMS show this year.

For more info contact:


1- The deadline for entries shall be May 3rd, 2018, 11:59pm.

2- In the case of video, entries must exceed one minute and not surpass 20 minutes in duration.

3- Rough cuts (20 mins or less) are acceptable. The final cut must be available for viewing by May 6, 2018.

4- All entries must be submitted online via youtube/Vimeo. Please check the tutorials below if you have an issue uploading your video.

upload videos to YouTube

upload videos to Vimeo

5- In the case of installation, games and interactive work, please upload an image/still/screenshot of your installation/movie/web-project in the related section in the form below.

6- INSTALLATION/GAME/WEB AND INTERACTIVE projects should be set up on the day of the event by their creators.

7- In the case of installation please provide: image and or sketch and equipment needs

8- Selections will be made by a student committee.

Criteria for selected works:
*Production quality
*Conceptual development
*Artistic approach.


– Best Documentary (Undergrad)
– Best Fiction film (Undergrad)
– Best Experimental (Undergrad)
– Best Media-installation/web-based project (Grads and Undergrads)
– Best Game (Undergrads)
– Best Moving-image (video/film) (Grads)

Who can submit? What can be submitted?

Media Study students (majors/minors, graduates of all degrees) or anyone who has taken a DMS class from the 2017-18 school year with projects that fit into the above categories.

How to submit:

Submission forms available via the link below. Fill out the form and follow directions to submit your piece.


Any questions? Drop us a line at:

Archive: DMS SHOW 2017