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  • Oct 1st 2010

    SERENDIPITOR by Mark Shepard Nominated for TRANSMEDIALE AWARD 2011

    transmediale is an annual festival for art and digital culture, held in Berlin, Germany.  During the summer of 2010, transmediale and CTM (club transmediale) received submissions for the transmediale Award 2011.  Out of over 1000 submissions, Serendipitor by Mark Shepard was nominated as one of seven finalists who showed innovative art works that contributed to the technical society.  The winner will be announced on February 6, 2011 at the Awards Ceremony.

    About Serendipitor
    Serendipitor is part of the Sentient City Survival Kit (a collection of artifacts for survival in the near-future sentient city).  Serendipitor is an alternative navigation app for the iPhone that helps you find something by looking for something else.  It combines computer generated walking directions for movement and action in attempt to produce short detours and small slippages within an otherwise optimal and efficient route directing movement through the city.

    For more information on Serendipitor, please visit: