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  • Mar 14th 2011


    E-POETRY 2011
    International Digital Language | Arts Festival
    May 18-21, 2011
    University at Buffalo
    Web registration now available! Specially-priced advance registration offered during March 2011 only!

    If you are interested in the emerging edge of language-informed arts practice, whether as a poet, writer, artist, media innovator, scholar, teacher, performer, or in any other disciplines, E-Poetry offers a context for practice and analysis that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. For its tenth anniversary, E-Poetry has been brought back to Buffalo, a central and accessible location for its activities. It will provide a mix of practices, with the emphasis on emerging practices in multiple disciplines that find themselves embedded or even just on the edge of the digital. It will convene a celebratory (in the triumphant spirit of preceding historic poetry festivals) and thought-filled gathering of 150 artists, writers, and scholars from 40 countries — a diversity and culturally rich offering that won’t be found elsewhere.


  • Jan 10th 2011



    20th and 21st of January 2011

    @ Palazzo delle Arti of Naples, the PAN Museum in Naples, Italy
    OLE (Officina di Letteratura Elettronica)

    Glazier Exhibition: Middle Orange | Media Naranja
    Glazier Performance: [ 8vo ]
    Glazier Presentation: Una Piccola Historia della Poesia Elettronica

    Exhibition screening of Middle Orange, performance of digital poem [ 8vo ], and paper presentation of Una Piccola Historia della Poesia Elettronica by Media Study Faculty Member, Dr. Loss Pequeño Glazier, as an invited participant at OLE.

    The OLE (Officina di Letteratura Elettronica) Workshop of Electronic Literature conference and festival will be the first significant event in the field of digital literature hosted in Italy. The workshop will allow the OLE to introduce the field of Electronic Literature as it is practiced in Italy. Artists and researchers worldwide shall meet and present their research and works. This will permit researchers to present their latest research and artists to premier their newest works.

  • Oct 31st 2010

    E-POETRY 2011: International Literature, Media Arts & Digital Culture Festival

    May 18-21, 2011
    Location: SUNY Buffalo North Campus & Select Buffalo Locations
    E-Poetry 2011 update:

    Still six months away, E-Poetry 2011 already has 50 participants as of October 31, 2010, from 19 countries! E-Poetry 2011 promises to be an exciting, historic, and truly international festival, hopefully helping to pioneer new paths in its field.

    Registration for the Festival is now available. Please register in advance, if possible, to assure availability and do keep it starred as a beacon of warmth on your spring calendar!

    You can register here:

  • Sep 3rd 2010

    E-POETRY 2011: An International Digital Literature Festival


    May 18-21, 2011
    SUNY Buffalo North Campus
    & Select Buffalo Locations

    Returning from venues in London, Paris, and Barcelona, the E-Poetry Festival presents three and a half days of emerging digital poetry, poetics, and new media, drawing from numerous countries, discourses, and modes of practice.

    Please check for information as it becomes available.

  • Jun 1st 2010

    LOSS PEQUEÑO GLAZIER performs at ARCHIVE & INNOVATE June 6, 2010

    archive and innovate pic

    Professor Loss Pequeño Glazier performs “Front(era): the Gelato Prado”, an improvised digital poem, at Archive & Innovate: The 4th International Conference & Festival of the Electronic Literature Organization, organized by Writing Digital Media in the Literary Arts Program, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, June 6, 2010. Visit for more info.

  • Apr 20th 2010

    JORDAN DALTON @ post-moot convocation 2010


    MFA candidate Jordan Dalton’s multimedia installation Meat Out of the Eater (in collaboration with the poet Lara Glenum and multimedia artist and theorist Josef Horáček ) is going to be shown at the post_moot convocation of poetry and performance at Miami University of Ohio this weekend (Thursday, April 22, 12:30 p.m. – Sunday April 25, 3:30 p.m).

    For more information:

  • Mar 23rd 2010

    MARK SHEPARD on "Networked Publics: Place" panel 3/25/2010


    The Network Architecture Lab continues “Discussions on Networked Publics,” a series of panels examining how technology and social changes are transforming the public realm, held at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation’s [GSAPP’s] Studio-X Soho Facility, 180 Varick Street, Suite 1610, New York City.

    The second panel, on “place” will occur on March 25 at 6:30 pm.

    The panelists are:

    Amanda McDonald Crowley (Executive Director of Eyebeam Art + Technology Center)

    Douglas Gauthier (GSAPP faculty, architect and principal of Gauthier Associates)

    Christina Ray (artist, curator, co-founder of Conflux Festival)

    Mark Shepard (University at Buffalo faculty, architect, artist, curator)

    Kevin Slavin (game designer, co-founder Area/Code)

    Tim Ventimiglia (architect and museum designer, associate at Ralph Applebaum Associates)

    Kazys Varnelis, director of GSAPP’s Network Architecture Lab will moderate.

    “Discussions on Networked Publics” extends the analysis of contemporary culture in the book Networked Publics, published in 2008 by the MIT Press and edited by Netlab Director Kazys Varnelis. More on the book at Copies of the book will be for sale at the event.

    The event will be broadcast live worldwide via at

    Viewers who can’t make it in person are encouraged to submit questions and comments live during the show to @Columbia_Netlab on Twitter.

    Video from the event will be archived on Vimeo and iTunes.

    more info….

  • Mar 16th 2010

    "Networkederive", a collaborative performance by JESSICA THOMPSON


    MFA candidate, Jessica Thompson, will be doing a performance called networkederive as part of the Media Architecture Colloquium this Wednesday @ 12:30 PM EST.

    Networked Derive is a collaborative performance that takes place simultaneously between two geographically-separate locations. Using mobile phones, twitter feeds and a simple mapping system, performers in both locations engage in a series of geographical occupations that coincide with the movements through the other city. read more….

  • Mar 15th 2010


    2-5pm, Wednesday, March 17, 2010
    301 Crosby Hall, South Campus
    University at Buffalo

    This half-day event brings together artists, architects and researchers to examine the evolving overlaps, intersections, and exchanges between the fields of Architecture and Media Art in the 21st century. As media, communication and information systems become embedded in and distributed throughout the material fabric of our daily lives, new opportunities (and dilemmas) emerge for the design and construction of the built environment. At the same time, these pervasive transformations in how we access, consume and produce contemporary media and information challenge traditional models for how we conceive, perceive and interact within physical space. Bringing together faculty from the departments of Architecture and Media Study at the University at Buffalo with faculty from the Media Architecture program at the Bauhaus–Universität, Weimar, Germany, this international gathering aims to highlight emerging transdisciplinary practices that integrate architectonic and medial space in the creation and construction of these emerging hybrid environments.

    The program consists of a six presentations and pair of panel discussions accompanied by a live, networked event/performance involving students from both Buffalo and Weimar.

    Dean Brian Carter, College of Architecture and Planning and Senior Associate Dean Charles Stinger, College of Arts and Sciences

    “Micro Public Places”
    Marc Böhlen, Associate Professor, Department of Media Study, University at Buffalo

    “Current Projects in Interface Design”
    Jens Geelhaar, Professor, Faculty of Media, Bauhaus–Universität, Weimar

    “Cosmopolli / An Atmospheric Commons”
    Jordan Geiger, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, University at Buffalo

    “The Blind Screen”
    Omar Khan, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, University at Buffalo

    “Wandering Line: performing sites through sound”
    Teri Rueb, Professor, Department of Media Study, University at Buffalo

    “MediaArchitecture at the Bauhaus”
    Sabine Zierold, Professor, Faculty of Architecture, Bauhaus–Universität, Weimar

    Organized and moderated by:
    Mark Shepard, Assistant Professor, Departments of Architecture and Media Study, University at Buffalo

  • Dec 7th 2009

    DIGITAL ARTS & CULTURE 2009: Marc Böhlen, Mark Shepard & Brian Clark present


    Starts: Saturday, Dec 12 2009 (evening)
    Ends: Tuesday, Dec 15 2009

    Media Study faculty Marc Böhlen and Mark Shepard and MFA Candidate Brian Clark will present their research at the Digital Arts and Culture 2009 conference at the University of California Irvine Dec. 12-15, 2009.

    The DAC ’09 is the 8th in an international series of conferences begun in 1998. DAC is recognized as an interdisciplinary event of high intellectual caliber.

    This iteration of DAC will dwell on the specificities of embodiment and cultural, social and physical location with respect to digital technologies and networked communications.

    DAC09 is structured around themes, each theme being composed of panels. DAC09 will be held in the Arts Plaza of the University of California Irvine.
    Simon Penny is director of DAC09.

  • Oct 26th 2009

    DMS Conference Fundraiser – Night of the Living Dead

    night of the livind dead

    The DMS Grad Conference Committee will be presenting a screening of the zombie classic Night of the Living Dead (Romero, 1968) with LIVE comedians doing commentary. This MST3K inspired event will be held at Squeaky Wheel this Wednesday, October 28th. Doors are at 8PM and admission is a $5 donation. All proceeds go to the DMS “Building Better Worlds” grad conference fund. For more information on the event please visit our facebook event page.

  • Oct 8th 2009

    &NOW: Innovative Writing & the Literary Arts


    The 4th Biennial &Now Festival of Innovative Writing & the Literary Arts will be held in Buffalo, NY from October 14-17, 2009.

    The &Now Festival explores intersections between creative and critical praxes, examines innovative and experimental acts of writing, and advances a serious inquiry into theories of language.

    featuring Media Study students Anna Scime (poetics of moving images) and Adam Liszkiewicz (poetics of video games) and Media Study faculty Josephine Anstey (virtual reality and stream of consciousness), and Loss Pequeño Glazier (language arts practice).

    “Poetics Across Media” proposes to examine innovative incursions of the poetic into and across media. Through analyses of digital/poetry, film, video games, and virtual reality, this panel hopes to expand and better delineate the potentials of contemporary literature.

    Moderator/co-moderator: Loss Pequeño Glazier/Adam Liszkiewicz.

    WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2009,
    8:00-8:50 pm, Hallwalls Cinema (340 Delaware Ave, Buffalo).

  • Oct 3rd 2009

    John Luchetti and Laura Felschow to present @ Mid Atlantic & North East PCA/ACA conferences

    MAH candidate John Luchetti and Laura Felschow (MAH ’08) will be presenting essays in the coming months at both the Mid Atlantic & North East PCA/ACA regional conferences.

    At the NEPCA conference being held on October 23rd in Queens, NY, Luchetti will be presenting an essay on the Academy Award bias toward female directors as part of the panel on Film Writers and Directors. Felschow, in turn, will deliver her essay on performative identity in The Crying Game during the panel on Sexual Identity in Film & Lit. Additionally, on Nov 6. at the MAPACA conference in Boston, MA, Felschow will participate in a panel on TV with an essay on the relationship between fandom and the CW television show Supernatural and Luchetti will present his essay “It’s All Takin’ and No Givin’: 9 to 5 as Realized Gender Dystopia” as part of the Social Activism & Film panel.

    Here’s the
    NEPCA schedule
    and the
    MAPACA schedule

  • Oct 1st 2009

    "We Need Food not Bombs" screening at the World on Your Plate Conference

    MFA candidate Ron Douglas’ doc We Need Food not Bombs will be screening at the World on Your Plate Conference, Oct 10th at 2:45pm at Daemen College.

    6th Annual World On Your Plate
    Food and Sustainable Living Conference

    October 9 – 10
    Daemen College, 4380 Main Street, Amherst, NY

    Featuring keynote speakers:

    * Howard Lyman, the “mad” vegan cowboy
    * Dr. Margaret Mitchell, Healthy Transitions
    * Diane Picard, Massachusetts Avenue Project

    Choose 3 sessions from more than 20 workshops that focus on current food issues and sustainable living

    * Free vegan reception at Friday night film screening and discussion
    * Free organic lunch Saturday
    * Local vendor samples and information tables
    * Free parking at Daemen College

    To register and for schedule of events visit

  • Sep 28th 2009

    Al Larsen @ the Popular & American Culture Associations in the South Conference

    Al Larsen will present a paper, The Graphic Symbol in Hardcore Punk:
    Participation, Collectivity and Viral Transmission
    at the annual conference of the Popular and American Culture Associations in the South, held in Wilmington, NC, October 1-3, 2009.

  • Sep 9th 2009

    Loss Pequeño Glazier Reading/Performance

    colloquium image

    September 11, 7: 30 pm
    Poetry Collection (4th floor, Capen Library)

    In the fall 2009, University at Buffalo, in collaboration with the European journal _Formules_, is sponsoring on the UB campus a bi-lingual international Colloquium entitled Urbanités Littéraires / Cityscapes – Literary Escapes. The goal of the conference is to study the relationship between writing and the urban environment, and specify interactive engagements between literature, architecture, and urbanism.

    Friday, September 11, 7:30 pm Key Speaker, Loss Pequeño Glazier

    Introduction: Justin Read — University at Buffalo
    Loss Pequeño Glazier — University at Buffalo


    “Guaniquiqui” is an exploration of the play of languages, whether Cuban and African languages, Cuban and colonial Spanish, or Cuban and English. It explores the cultural landscape through a quiet insistence on detail, the play of colors and light, simple observations, cultural intuition, economic realities, and the crumbling architecture of old Havana. How does a culture synthesize so much of the American past and, though isolated, insist on a real presence in the present world? Through this process, with a focus on the material nature of language, “Guaniquiqui” hopes to present a way to see the world, the post-colonial and politically alternative, that both enriches and informs our understanding of human being in a difficult, but expressively rich, present age. This performance/reading will explore such themes, opening doors to this often-inaccessible culture through poetic practice, expressive utterances, and the unspoken views of passing observations.

    *NOTE: Admission is free for UB faculty, staff, and students but they
    are asked to PRE-REGISTER ( Please type “Student” in the “Communication” field. Please check the box “No fee $0” and put “$0” in the “Total cost” box. This event includes a Reception buffet (at 7:00 pm).*

  • May 6th 2009

    E-Poetry 2009 Barcelona!

    E-Poetry 2009 Barcelona, will take place in Barcelona, Spain, May 24-27, 2009. Directed by Media Study faculty member, Loss Pequeño Glazier (who will also perform at the Festival’s opening night), E-Poetry 2009 is sponsored by the Electronic Poetry Center, Dept. of Media Study, SUNY Buffalo. This biennial international digital poetry festival is the largest in the world; presented here are performances and papers at the cutting edge of new developments in digital poetry and media poetics. Featuring numerous practitioners and scholars from over a dozen countries, E-Poetry is known as a definitive measure of the development of the new field of digital media poetics, actively engaging the cultural community and avant-garde venues of the host city where it takes place. For more details, consult the link at the EPC.