PhD Application Overview

The PhD in Media Study seeks to nurture the next generation of artist-scholars and assist them as they seek to define new art and research practices of the 21st century. Students develop their research specialties with faculty supervision and engage the university community to formulate deep individualized research trajectories in cutting edge media theory and practice. Select PhD students are financially supported for four years and expected to contribute to the department through teaching and instructional support.

Commensurate with the traditional PhD framework, most of the credits are earned in research, theory  and independent study. Five foundational courses (two of Methods of Making I/II/III, PhD Seminar I and II, and Research Ethics) are required for all students. Beyond these requirements, students are free to organize their course of study around specific research trajectories.

Students will typically be ready for their qualifying exams at the end of their fourth semester. After passing the qualifying exam they dedicate themselves exclusively to the dissertation with supervision of a faculty member, and in consultation with a self-defined dissertation committee with expertise in the areas of the student’s research. This allows students to make use of the university-wide and international network of connections Media Study has established and continues to expand.

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