Web/Social Media Update Procedures

New & Events, Facebook, PR Process

  1. Get content + images
    • from emails, listservs, FB, google notifications
    • nudge Chair to nudge inst & grad listservs
  2. Add new “News” post to DMS New & Events Web page
    • LOG-IN here: https://mediastudy.buffalo.edu/wp-login.php
    • ADD NEW POST, format correctly, add/link image or video
    • use MORE tag: after brief description and image add the <!–more–> tag – clicking on this will display the post with full content
    • TAG NAMES of primary participants. Usually it’s obvious, but if you are unsure whom to tag, contact the main participant
    • LINKS to external website must open in a new window or tab
    • USE CLEAN CODE to the best of your ability; when pasting information from a Word Doc, for instance, remove extraneous code.
  3. Update DMS FaceBook status (short note with link to DMS N&E site) here.
  4. SEND NOTE with link to the N&E post to:
    • DMS LISTSERVS (instructor, grad, ug); cc: Department Secretary (who will forward to UB Calendar listing) and Tech. Director
    • BERT GAMBINI, (gambini@buffalo.edu), Staff Assistant in the Office of University Communications for general UB PR
    • UB UNDERGRAD RECRUITMENT BLOG; contact Rebecca Ott, (rebeccao@buffalo.edu, Office of Admissions
    • CAS Communications, (cascomm@buffalo.edu), CAS communications
    • TRACEY EASTMAN, (teastman@buffalo.edu, University Communications