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Media Study – Not Your Usual Department

Please don’t be fooled by our name – Media STUDY.

All majors and departments require you to study. So they could be called English Study, History Study, Biology Study. But the ‘STUDY’ in Media Study is different because study here means more than just reading and listening. Media Study is about making. We learn by thinking and doing.

Students in this department learn to make everything from films, videos, and documentaries to computer games and interactive gizmos.

For example one of our visiting students, Isabella Fonseca de Almeida, produced a unique final project entitled NEXTSTOP, in which she asked friends currently living in cities around the world (Goiânia, NY, Madrid, London) to record audio in the train stations and subways of those cities.  She compiled and edited their files, then posted them on the website SoundCloud, creating QR codes for each audioscape.  Next, she printed the QR codes to postcards that she sent back to her friends around the world with instructions to leave them on seats and benches in the subways.  Thus, a participant who might discover her cards could listen to the sounds of the subway in Buffalo or London while riding the trains of Madrid or Buenos Aries. (http://bellabrito.tumblr.com/)

You don’t have to have any previous experience with film or video or any other form of media to join our department. Our courses take you from the very basic to the most sophisticated. When you finish you will have practical skills in things like web design, computer programming, and video production which are valuable in many areas.

There are other things that make DMS different from other departments.

Production classes are small, usually limited to 15 to18 students. As a result, you get to know your teacher and your teacher gets to know you. And because you will be working on projects with other students you get to know them as well. We teach the use of technologies, including computer programming. But almost half our faculty are women. We don’t believe in stereotypes. In fact, we actively work against them. So if you are looking for something that will challenge your idea of your limits – or someone else’s idea of your limits – you’ll find it here.

Finally, making things is fun and creativity is a joy. You knew this when you were five. Maybe you forgot. But it’s still true. We believe that fun and learning can hold hands.

Contact us. We’ll arrange for you to tour the department and visit a class.

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