The Department of Media Study has a number of partnerships with local companies, galleries, organizations, broadcasting stations, etc., and students can request a list of these organizations from the department. In addition, the Department of Media Study is developing a number of summer and semester-long internship possibilities with media studios and corporations in Los Angeles, New York City and other media centers. We encourage students to explore their own internship opportunities (at production studios, local TV studios, and media access centers, for example). Students have recently interned with the David Letterman show, MTV, NYC-TV, Tricoast Studios, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, the Black Entertainment Network (BET), Human Code, Fireant Design,The Rachael Ray show (NYC), and the Buffalo Pan Am Exposition project. For more information, contact internship coordinator.

Internship Proposal Form

How many credit hours do I sign up for with an internship?

The option for academic credit is available to Media Study majors. Internship credits are based on the number of hours you work per week with the internship organization:

3.5 hours/week = 50 hours a semester = 1 credit hour
7 hours/week = 100 hours a semester = 2 credit hours
10 hours/week = 150 hours a semester = 3 credit hours
14 hours/week = 200 hours a semester = 4 credit hours (maximum)
**Hours worked over 200 are for experience only.


What resources are there in Buffalo outside of the school?

Albright-Knox Art Gallery
Full Circle Studios
Hallwalls Contmeporary Arts Center
Squeaky Wheel: Buffalo Media Resources
WBFO – 88.7 University of Buffalo Radio, NPR member station
And many more…