Games Studies Certificate – Overview

Game Studies at UB combines an experimental approach to technology and game design with a critical stance toward the impact of games and gaming. Increasingly, video games are a technology and research driver. Scholars, educators and artists want to know how games work; why they work; what their effect is on society, on culture, and on the psyche. This certificate is designed for undergraduates who want to deconstruct, experiment with, and revolutionize gaming paradigms; who want to explore alternative realities, interfaces, and narrative forms. The basic assumption of the core courses is that theory and practice go hand in hand, but the electives are wide-ranging and flexible enough to support intense production, rigorous scholarship or both.

The 36 credit certificate is based in the Department of Media Study (DMS) where it extends that department’s experimental and critical approach to technology and critical stance towards media into the issues central to the field of game studies. Game studies is paradigmatically interdisciplinary, drawing on the sciences, arts and humanities. Therefore, the certificate has been planned in close relationship with the Department of Visual Studies (VS) and with ongoing discussion with faculty campus-wide. Core courses in DMS and VS combine a radical and next-generation approach to the practice of game production with theoretical analysis of computer-based games and gaming, drawing on contemporary media discourses.

The Game Studies Certificate serves as an educational foundation for those interested in careers in the games industry proper or in the increasing number of closely related off-shoots: interactive museum and entertainment design; games in education, training, advertising, art, activism and politics; games and research. If you choose this certification program at UB, your bachelor’s diploma will make clearly visible the specialization in game studies.

All students must take prerequisite courses or equivalent courses or have equivalent experience before admission to the certificate. Students are advised to take the core courses before the electives whenever possible.

DMS Advisor: Bradley Hendricks

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