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  • Feb 9th 2015

    Derek Curry / Devin Wilson / Jennifer Gradecki: Playing games with the economy

    Playing games with the economy is a new article by Bert Gambini about a card game made by UB PhD students Derek Curry and Jennifer Gradecki and alumnus Devin Wilson.

  • Oct 12th 2011


    Title: WaterBar
    Marc Böhlen
    Featured: @ Fluid Culture 2011
    Where: Ellicott Square Building (Main Atrium), 295 Main St., Downtown Buffalo, NY
    When: October 10-14, 2011

    WaterBar: Geo-engineering for the Public Realm (Adding a Missing Filter Step)

    WaterBar is the first of a series of installations of Future Public Technologies that investigate the relationship between informatics and materiality in the public realm. WaterBar is a public water-well designed for the post-sustainability age.

    WaterBar geo-engineers mineralized water. It begins with a cleaning stage via a slow anthracite filter and/or exposure to UV light for bacteria control. The water then passes through a filter bank with select properties. These properties are real: physically, due to their ability to impart trace elements and culturally, due to their origin and history.

    WaterBar includes quartz-rich granite from Inada by Fukushima, home of the latest devastating high-tech catastrophe; sandstone from La Verna, Italy, where St Francis cared for the poor; marble from Thassos Greece, beginning and end of democracy; and limestone from Jerusalem/Hebron, Israel, source of eternal conflict and shared hopes. An internet-scanning, text-processing control system continuously circulates water through these filters, and mixes them in proportion to the intensity of related problems found in pertinent RSS feeds to a daily mineralized water mix for shared concerns.

    Thirsty? Curious?

    For more information, click here.

  • Apr 27th 2010

    Artists & Models: STIMULUS, May 1, 2010

    stimulus poster

    Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center presents the 22nd incarnation of Artists & Models: STIMULUS, a rousing evening of art installations, performances and live music at the Rock Harbor Yard, 57 Tonawanda St., Buffalo. This year features the work of Media Study grad students, alumni and faculty including work by 404 Error (Anna Scime, Isaac Johnson, Liz Chow, Josh Parkins, James Boatwright, Scott Ries, Olivier Delrieu-Schulze, John Fink, Brian Clark), Al Larsen, Vincenzo Mistretta and Tammy McGovern, among others.

    Visit Hallwalls to learn more. They are also looking for volunteers!

  • Dec 7th 2009

    DIGITAL ARTS & CULTURE 2009: Marc Böhlen, Mark Shepard & Brian Clark present


    Starts: Saturday, Dec 12 2009 (evening)
    Ends: Tuesday, Dec 15 2009

    Media Study faculty Marc Böhlen and Mark Shepard and MFA Candidate Brian Clark will present their research at the Digital Arts and Culture 2009 conference at the University of California Irvine Dec. 12-15, 2009.

    The DAC ’09 is the 8th in an international series of conferences begun in 1998. DAC is recognized as an interdisciplinary event of high intellectual caliber.

    This iteration of DAC will dwell on the specificities of embodiment and cultural, social and physical location with respect to digital technologies and networked communications.

    DAC09 is structured around themes, each theme being composed of panels. DAC09 will be held in the Arts Plaza of the University of California Irvine.
    Simon Penny is director of DAC09.