Loss Pequeño Glazier (current research)

During the last year, Loss performed/read “The Not-Moth” at E-Poetry @ the Bowery, Bowery Poetry + Arts, New York; and exhibited “La Cuchufleta”, at the Wechselstrom Gallery, Vienna; and “Bromeliacees a face blanche sur 20 hectares”, at Labo BnF, BnF | François-Mitterand, Paris.

In addition to his creative work, Loss is director of the Electronic Poetry Center and organizes yearly E-Poetry events.

Upcoming events include: EPC@20 : Twentieth Anniversary Celebration of Electronic Poetry Center September 11-12, 2014 in Buffalo; E-Poetry Intensive (possible venue for 2015 Florence, Geneva, Rome, or Barcelona); and the E-Poetry Festival , in Buenos Aires, Argentina.