Marc Böhlen (current research)

AirKami and WaterBank launched in Indonesia in 2014. Airkami delivers biosensor based pathogen analysis data while WaterBank creates a public water well and water sharing system that makes clean water available to Terban residents.

AirKami is featured in the MIT Press book: “Quantified, Biosensing in Everyday Life”, ed. Dawn Nafus, 2016. The Terban district where WaterBank is set has been awarded the ‘Healthy City’ award by the Indonesian government in 2016. With a government grant in hand, we are now working on an expansion to WaterBank as well as a master plan for new interventions in Terban !

New Projects:
Robots For Last Days.
This project looks at the landscape of robot systems as they accompany humans at the end of life. This is the first comprehensive overview of text materials on the topic of lethal robots and end of life care:

Watson gets Personal.
Large-scale machine learning systems generate new relationships and confusing similarities when confronted with unexpected materials. First presented at xCoAx 2016.