Graduate Programs Overview

Ph.D. in Media Study
The Department of Media Study’s PhD is one of a small set of doctoral programs in experimental media theory and practice in the United States. This program responds to the rapid development and transformation of media due to advances in information technologies and to the growing number of artist-scholar-researchers working in technology-based art forms. A new community of artist-scholar-researchers has emerged in the spaces between media art practice, the sciences, and the humanities. This work is not easily categorized and often spans disciplines that traditionally have little overlap. Those who wish to operate in this area require a hybrid set of conceptual and technical capabilities.
This program is designed to respond to both conditions by creating a framework for practice-led and scholarly research into media arts. Commensurate with the traditional PhD framework, most of the credits are earned in research and independent study. Consequently, students are free to organize their course of study around specific research trajectories. The dissertation combines both written and production components in a proportion and manner appropriate to the student’s area of research. We only require that the conversation between these two components be substantial and original.This Ph.D. is most obviously appropriate for artists who plan to conduct their research in an academic context. But it is equally appropriate for media artists who want to explore the theoretical implications of their work. Or for ‘scholarly’ researches who want to move from the purely discursive to explore the invention of concepts in other media.

MFA in Media Arts Production
The Department of Media Study’s MFA in Media Arts is one of the country’s leading programs in experimental and independent media. As a department and as a community we are committed to producing work that challenges and extends conventional forms and representations. Currently, the department has faculty working in Independent Film and Video, Documentary, Media Archaeology, Public Computational Media (including robotics), Digital Poetics, Locative Media, Critical Spatial Practices, Performance, Story and Games as well as areas yet to receive official designations.
This program is most suitable for students whose primary focus is the process of art/media making.

Dual MFA/M.Arch
Digital media has transformed the traditional means of project production and delivery and most importantly has opened entirely new territories in the field of architecture. This dual degree will concentrate on new domains that confront architects, including the design and construction of interactive environments and objects, virtual worlds, media-based pedagogic tools, computer models and analyses, and computer-controlled manufacturing processes. Faculty and students who participate in this program work closely with the Center for Architecture and Situated Technologies and you can get a good sense of the range of research in this area from their web site at
Students in our Ph.D., MFA, and M.Arch/MFA programs are also eligible to participate in the Emerging Practices Program. EP is a joint effort by the departments of Visual Studies and Media Study and is dedicated to research in the interdisciplinary space between emerging technologies and the arts.

MAH in Film/Media Studies
The MAH in Film/Media Studies is an interdisciplinary, 36 credit hour program. Students take 12 credit hours in the Department of Media Study, 12 credit hours in a department or area that complements their core research, six credit hours of electives and complete a 6 credit hour project or written thesis.
This program enables students to develop their interest in film/media theory in a number of possible directions. If they are coming from a academic/scholarly background they can take advantage of courses in Media Study to become more aware of the actual processes of media production. If they are coming from an art/media making background, they can develop a greater understanding of the possible theoretical contexts of their production.
This program is particularly suitable as a pre-Ph.D. program for those transitioning from other fields and, for these students, we offer special advisement on their applications to further graduate study.
New Media Design Certificate
The Advanced Certificate in New Media Design is for students seeking the both the basic technical skills and the conceptual understanding to operate in a networked culture. Students take 2 required courses covering both technical and conceptual skills and are free to develop this core with two electives.
This is a certificate program and not a degree program. Courses taken as part of your degree are eligible to be electives and the New Media I and II courses can be counted toward your degree when the requirements for your degree allow this.