Paige Sarlin

Paige Sarlin is an artist, filmmaker, scholar, and political activist. She holds a Ph.D. in Modern Culture and Media from Brown University and an M.F.A. in Film/Video/New Media from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Her feature-length documentary film, The Last Slide Projector, premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival in 2007 and screened at Anthology Film Archives in 2008.  From 1999 to 2010, she was an active participant in the 16Beaver Group in New York City, a platform for the discussion of the intersection of art and politics. Her writings have been published in OctoberRe-Thinking Marxism, Reviews in Cultural Theory, The Journal of Aesthetics and Protestand Framework: A Journal of Film and Culture.  She is at work on a book-length manuscript entitled Interview-Work: The Genealogy of a Media Form.  She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Media Study at University at Buffalo, SUNY.

Current Research
Paige Sarlin Paige Sarlin’s current focus is in theorizing the interview in a book-length manuscript Interview-Work: The Genealogy of a Media Form. “Although the interview is a ubiquitous technology of knowledge production, it has rarely been treated critically as a media form in itself.” Her research interests also include theorizing and documenting collectivity; and the extension of documentary practices and media into a range of different contexts. In MAY 13/14 she was an invited lecturer, curator and discussant at the Cinema Project, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, Images Festival, Toronto, and the International Flaherty Film Seminar, Hamilton, NY.