Marc Böhlen

Artist-engineer Marc Böhlen / RealTechSupport delivers the kind of support technology really needs. His research focuses on two areas: public computational media and speculative robotics. Public computational media investigates computational media in their capacity to impact public concerns at scale. Speculative robotics considers robotics as a mode of artistic inquiry and makes use of quantitative methods of engineering to produce new qualitative conditions and experiences. public computational media + speculative robotics

Current Research
The projects AirKami and WaterBank launched in in the Terban district of Yogyakarta in Java, Indonesia in 2014. These two projects propose a new way to deal with compromised water resources in Terban. Airkami delivers biosensor based pathogen analysis data while WaterBank creates a public water well and water sharing system that makes clean water available to Terban residents.These projects are described in the 2016 MIT Press book: “Quantified, Biosensing in Everyday Life”.

Robots For Last Days looks at the landscape of robot systems as they accompany humans at the end of life. Ubiquitous Psychometrics observes platform level machine learning systems and the analytic artifacts they generate when confronted with unexpected materials. The first results from this inquiry will be presented at XCoAx2016.