Loss Pequeño Glazier

Ph.D. English/Poetics and New Media UB
MA/MLIS University of California Berkeley

My work extends from visual and kinetic text to a focus on digital writing in networked and programmable media. It explores language in New Media and how innovative poetics can be a means of engaging digital media. My focus is on the poetics of New Media insofar as New Media explores the materiality of the medium it engages. I am interested in the resonance between digital installation art, experimental film/video, and innovative poetry and in how we tend to be innovative in visual digital media while sometimes not seeing the opportunities of language in New Media. I am interested in the way language is a force of materiality, and the way it breaks through to become a force in its own right, and the way code can also be a material presence in works of digital art. This means image, text, interactivity, and programming. This includes creative writing for digital media and poesis as a way of thinking through a given material. The historical practice and theory of innovative poetics (such as 20th century experimental movements, sound poetry, concrete poetry, procedural literature, and language poetry) is of interest as a means of creating and experiencing innovative work in digital media. Additional related fields of study that inform this orientation include art, philosophy of language, cyberculture and theories of computing, the social context of art-making and the ideological situation of the work of art, experimental music, John Cage, writing systems, indeterminacy, chance, assembly, Buddhist philosophy, and small press/samisdat publishing regardless of format.

I try to include guest artists through events I help organize, such as the “E-Poetry” festivals and the “Language & Encoding Symposium”, to enrich course content through contact with in-person practitioners. Students are welcome to gain real world arts experience by contributing to the work of running some of these events. I also direct the Electronic Poetry Center, one of the largest and most cohesive digital collections of poetry in the world. I welcome internships and projects related to the Center, such as author pages or other curatorial/editorial undertakings, and students interested in digital publishing or similar engagements of digital archival or special collections practice. I am a Core Faculty member of UB’s distinguished Poetics Program and I am active in extending the rich context of that Program across disciplines. My own work engages the play in language and explores new patterns of lexical expression. I am interested in working with graduate students in a variety of contexts and a wide range of media who wish to explore their own creative and theoretical possibilities in programming, visual, and sound aspects of New Media, who would like to devote attention to language in their work, who wish to gain exposure to works of networked and programmable media, programming, and visual/kinetic/interactive text/image, or who wish to study innovative poetry and experimental art movements of the twentieth century.

Current Research
During the last year, Loss performed/read “The Not-Moth” at E-Poetry @ the Bowery, Bowery Poetry + Arts, New York; and exhibited “La Cuchufleta”, at the Wechselstrom Gallery, Vienna; and “Bromeliacees a face blanche sur 20 hectares”, at Labo BnF, BnF | François-Mitterand, Paris.

In addition to his creative work, Loss is director of the Electronic Poetry Center and organizes yearly E-Poetry events.

Upcoming events include: EPC@20 : Twentieth Anniversary Celebration of Electronic Poetry Center September 11-12, 2014 in Buffalo; E-Poetry Intensive (possible venue for 2015 Florence, Geneva, Rome, or Barcelona); and the E-Poetry Festival , in Buenos Aires, Argentina.