PLASMA series presents Maiko Tanaka, Monday, April 9th , CFA112, 6:30pm

Apr 4th 2018

Maiko Tanaka

Monday April 9th, 6:30 PM, CFA 112

University at Buffalo

 The Department of Media Study’s

PLASMA series presents: Maiko Tanaka

Maiko Tanaka is the Executive Director of Squeaky Wheel since 2016. She holds a BFA from OCADU and a Masters of Visual Studies from the University of Toronto. For over ten years Maiko has curated projects with prestigious and widely recognized arts institutions in Canada and abroad, including Trinity Square Video, Nuit Blanche at OCAD University, Justina M. Barnicke Gallery (now Art Museum – University of Toronto), InterAccess, all in Toronto, as well as Casco – Office for Art, Design, and Theory in Utrecht, NL. Maiko also currently serves on programming committee of Gendai Gallery and editorial advisory of C Magazine. She is the co-editor of several catalogue publications including, The Grand Domestic Revolution Handbook published by Casco and Valiz, and Model Minority, published by Gendai Gallery and Publication Studio and has written numerous articles and catalogue essays on the topic of artistic research and practice.