PLASMA PRESENTS: SHU LEA CHEANG- Monday, March 12th at 6:30pm

Mar 8th 2018

Monday March 12th, 6:30 PM, CFA 112

University at Buffalo
The Department of Media Study’s

PLASMA series presents

SHU LEA CHEANG PRESENTING Exit i-80, Enter the BioNet

Exit i-80, Enter the BioNet
A trajectory charged with detours and deviations since BRANDON (1998-1999) led me to exit interstate highway 80, crash the net and retreat to the BioNet. BRANDON, a one year web narrative in installments, teleports Brandon Teena, a transgender being who was raped and murdered for failed “passing”, from interstate border of Nebraska to the virtual sphere for court trial. LOCKER BABY PROJECT (2001-2012) entrusted human ME(Memory|Emotion) data to clone babies while UNBORN0x9 (2018) reconsiders (un)motherhood of fabricated scenario. My necropolitical viral love brought back from the 80s AIDS epidemic the HIV virus, mutating beneath the skin. FLUIDØ (2017) celebrates the free flow of body fluid, the raw and uncensored body power. While I.K.U. (2000) collects human orgasm data for recycled consumption, UKI (in development) as an interruptive cinema of planned I.K.U. sequel, launches the renegade UKI virus to infiltrate the reengineered human bodies. I hear the blood running, virus rising, enter the BioNet.

About the artist
As an artist, filmmaker, networker, Shu Lea Cheang constructs networked installation and multi-player performance in participatory impromptu mode. She drafts sci-fi narratives in her film scenario and artwork imagination. She builds social interface with transgressive plots and open network that permits public participation. Engaged in media activism and video art for two decades (1980s- 1990s) in New York city, Cheang concluded her NYC period with a cybernoia film FRESH KILL (1994) and the first Guggenheim museum web art commission/collection BRANDON (1998-1999). After releasing her second feature “I.K.U” (2000) at Sundance Film Festival, she relocated to Eurozone where she took up large scale installations and networked performance while co- founded several collectives to pursue cross-disciplinary projects. From homesteading cyberspace in the 90s to her current retreat to post-crash BioNet zone, Cheang takes on viral love, bio hack in her current cycle of works.