DMS Media Show 2018 Award Winners!

May 17th 2018

The Department of Media Study Media Show 2018 took place on May 14, 2018. Congratulations to all who submitted work and participated in this wonderful display of talent and energy! More photos here or on Facebook!

From Professor Sama Waham, on behalf of The Department of Media Study:

“I would like to congratulate everyone who submitted, screened a film or showcased a project, website or installation at the DMS Media Show on Monday! Our guests, faculty and students were very impressed with all the work. The Show had received over 80 submissions this year, and was programmed and organized entirely by an amazing student committee that deserves all the credit for their tireless work and efforts invested in this year’s successful show.

Many congrats and thanks to the committee’s lead curator, Mani Merhvarz, Ph.D Candidate, and committee members:

Annette Daniels Taylor, MFA Candidate.
Nitasha Dhillon, Ph.D Candidate.
Maryam Muliaee, Ph.D Candidate.
Leonardo Aranda Brito, Ph.D Candidate.
Elizabeth Zelenka, Undergraduate Media Study.
Roger Torres, Undergraduate Media Study.

Special thanks to B&H, the Graduate Student Association, the department’s Chair Professor Tom Feeley, Carl Lee, Michael Bouquard, Elaine Schwartz, Michele Parente, Brad Hendricks, and all DMS faculty for their support.

And here is the list of this year’s award winners:

Audience and Faculty Awards:

1) Undergraduate:

Best Experimental film Award:  A Waltz for Dead Things, Directed by Isabella Nurt.

Best Documentary:
1st Award:  Spencer Comes to Buffalo, Directed by Shawn Combs.
2nd Award: Scoby Dam Park, Directed by David Jeff.

Best Fiction:
1) Amen, Directed by Dominic James Lauricella.
2) What Deserves What, Directed by Chun Gee Hong.

Best Graduate Film: My Neighborhood, Directed by Annette Daniels Taylor.

Best Game Design: Stephanie Tsuei.

Best Web Based Design: Hatim Mohamed.

Best Graduate Installation Project: The Rainforest Project (by: Andrea Pagan, Eric Burlingame, Bernard Dolecki, Jaqueline Bast, Kelsey Habla, Mariana Nicotera de Souza, Unnati Patel, Matt Phan, Devanshi Shastri).

Award winners: please contact Michele Parente (, the Assistant to the Chair, as soon as possible to collect your award certificates and prizes.

Congratulations to everyone again!

Sama Waham
Visiting Assistant Professor
Dept. of Media Study
247A Center for the Arts
University at Buffalo, SUNY
Buffalo, NY 14260