Independent Film and Video

The Film and Video program in DMS has its foundation in the experimental film/media practices of the 1960s and 70s – the films of Paul Sharits, Tony Conrad and Hollis Frampton, the documentaries of James Blue – and in the revolutionary critical and theoretical examination of film during this same period. Since then this tradition has been carried on by a number of artists who at one time or the other taught in the department. This list includes Les Leveque, Keith Sanborn, Steven Eastwood and documentarian Charlene Gilbert.

Our present faculty includes experimental artist Tony Conrad [most recently a featured artist at the 53d Venice Biennale] , documentarian Sarah Elder [The Drums of Winter] and Paige Sarlin.

In keeping with its commitment to both make media and theorize making media the Film and Video program has close ties with UB’s program in Film Studies which offers an undergraduate minor and a graduate/MAH degree in Film Studies.


Adjunct Faculty