Winter 2018

DMS 212 Critical Game design
Nam,Su Hyun :: online

This course examines sociocultural roles of video game and technology by discussing the historical development and game examples and learning basic skills of game design. Students explore the impact of video games on culture not only as a player but also as a maker. By learning game design techniques in each session, such as First Person Character control, interactivity and level design, students will gain a sound understanding of game mechanics that enable them to rethink how those game functions are reflected in our culture.

DMS 212 3D Modeling in Blender
Wang,Ye :: Cfa 244 M/T/W/TH 11-12:50

This course is an introduction to basic 3D modeling and raytracing rendering in Blender. Skills students will be introduced to include but not limited to:

  • polygonal modeling
  • creating texture with photoshop
  • photorealistic rendering with Cycles
  • particle / soft body simulation
  • basic Python programming

Throughout the winter semester, students are expected to make three projects: one object model, one interior scene and one short animation.

This is an online course. No prior experience with 3D modeling or programing is required.

Lab Fee: $125

DMS 422 Cinemas of Asia
Subramanian,Kalpana :: online

This course introduces students to the diverse cinematic developments from South East Asia that have led to the new resurgence of cinema as an art form with a global voice. We will survey contemporary cinema from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, India, Sri-Lanka, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan enquiring into how the changing socio-political and cultural scenarios in the regions have shaped the aesthetics, narratives and formal elements of cinema embodying these transformations. Analyzing these films, in term of content, form and context while relating them to global dialogues on gender, post-colonialism, film/media theory, and transnational studies will allow us to explore them using different critical perspectives. The works of master filmmakers including but not limited to Wong Kar-Wai (HK), Adoor Gopalakrishnan (India), Kim Ki-Duk(South Korea), Hou Hsiao-hsien (Taiwan), Tran Anh Hung (Vietnam), Nagisa Oshima (Japan), Zhang Yimou (China), etc. will be viewed and analyzed. The course will be structured around viewing films, responding to them through discussions/blog posts and a final paper. Required readings will be made available. Students would be expected to sign up for a specified online film streaming service to access required films for the duration of the course.

DMS 422 Smartphone-based Art making
Ayson,John-Patrick Antonio :: online

This online course will provide students both technical & critical capacities to make & analyze engaging images, sounds, music &/or films strictly via their smartphones (iOS & Android preferred). In a span of a few weeks, students will partake in weekly assignments, consisting of in-depth, media making app exercises, project description & critical writing exercises, hone their ability to document & critically analyze their own works— all of which will culminate to a final project, strictly via their smartphones.