Winter 2017

DMS 212 Introduction to Martin Scorsese’s Blood Imagery and use of Religion
Pitonyak,Rachel :: Online

This course would be an analysis of the religious elements (primarily Roman Catholicism) in Martin Scorsese’s films.  These elements will be used to better understand some of the symbolism in his films, such as his use of blood imagery.

DMS 212 Design, play and re-think – critical game design
Nam,Su Hyun :: Online

This course examines sociocultural roles of video game and technology by discussing the historical development and game examples and learning basic skills of game design. Students explore the impact of video games on culture not only as a player but also as a maker. By learning game design techniques in each session, such as First Person Player, AI and level design, students will gain a sound understanding of game mechanics that enables them to rethink how those game functions are reflected in our culture.


DMS 422/602 Digital literature key works
Reg#10132/ 10131
Loss P Glazier :: Online

“Digital Literature Key Works” provides an essential primer on electronic literature, examining a number of “masterworks” in the field from the perspective of the digital as integral to culture, information matrices, and modes of learning, perceiving, and “knowing”. This course will touch on key works in electronic theory as well as electronic literature’s experimental literature precursors. This online course will rely work in and through media, relying not only on your reading of essential sections of the core texts in the field but on video interviews, films, performances, installations, happenings, and media works related to the literature in multimedia modes. Students will write responses to core readings and also work on a Winter Session final project. Emphasis on digital works with supporting works for context. Texts are available online, with supplementary print texts possible, if needed. *No digital skills nor literature experience is required.*