Summer 2017

DMS 517 Critical Social Media Studies
Karppi, Tero Jukka :: Online reg # 12663

On social media we are constantly tracked and monitored. What we do online and who we are connected to is used for different purposes from targeted marketing to threat profiling. Social media users have become algorithmic identities, who operate online together with other users. But the human users are also accompanied with social bots and other algorithmic mechanisms, which preselect content for them and build what is called a filter bubble. This course is designed to introduce different approaches to critical social media studies, which do not begin from user participation but try to see how user is profiled by the platform. The materials of this course are based on readings of contemporary social media theory and episodes of the Do Not Track webseries. Through weekly readings and online discussions we will try to understand our social media connectivity beyond friendships and personal relations.