Summer 2014

DMS Summer 2014 Course Schedule

DMS 517 Social Media and the News
Khilji,Tooba S :: Online

This class attempts to analyze the connection between today’s news cycle and social media. What does the age of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, cellphone cameras and blogs mean for the field of journalism? Is there something to be learned from Web 2.0 or is it something to be shunned and feared? What is the place of traditional journalism? Is it to adapt, or push harder to hold on to its strengths?

The course will have several readings each week and students will be expected to participate in a discussion board about the readings. They will also be required to report on a current news story each week… both in the form of a blog and a more traditional approach (a written or video piece). The course culminates in a final project/paper exploring some of the topics covered.


DMS 547 Summer 2014 Sound Design Workshop -Phonography (“Sound Writing”)
Bouquard :: M/W 2-5:40pm :: CFA278

Phonography “sound-writing” refers to field-recording. This entails but not limited to the capture of any event that can be reproduced and represented as sound. Field-recordings are manipulated as raw material for soundtracks and other auditory projects, and untreated field-recordings are used primarily for forensic and academic purposes. Field recordings are now common source material for a range of musical results from contemporary musique concrète compositions to film soundtracks, video game soundtracks, and effects. A new generation of recordists has emerged, preoccupied with the abstract and formal dimensions of captured environmental sound.

The course will investigate field recording methods and techniques. Explore microphones and microphone placement, recording systems, manipulating and processing using DAW’s (digital audio work stations) such as Avid Pro Tools and Apple Logic and others.

The course will also cover key genres of sound design, sound art and musical composition that include: noise art, musique concrete, sound poetry, minimalism, etc. There will also be an extensive survey of contemporary composers, sound artists and sound designers as well as those artists whose work demonstrates a recent trend among visual and performance artists to embrace the artistic medium of sound. Lab fee $100.