DMS 515 Media Poetics

Glazier :: T 1:00PM- 4:40 pm :: CFA 232

Visual Media Poetics provides the opportunity to explore the expressive potential of language as a creative material existing on alphabetic, visual, and aural levels, with a focus on visual forms of cultural expression. Visual anthropology will provide a significant lens through which to view visual media and its impact on the cultural milieu. We will take multiple approaches to visual expression, including cultural studies, visual theories, the photographic image, the virtual, representations of the cultural/historic “other”, and sexual/embodied practices, among others The immense value of 20th century experimental literature and innovative film to he student’s own efforts to design or interpret media writing is an additional concern of this course. We will be thinking about the varied possibilities of language as a conjunction of textures, tones, meanings, and media. We will look at media “literature” as a merging of form, image, language, and sound, and we will explore works that successfully produce this extraordinary effect. We will look at works of Concrete, digital, and text poetry and consider these as models for digital media design. We will study theoretical essays and manifestos related to visual media practice, investigating modes and means of visual media expression as seen through a number of documentary and narrative films, including popular and arts films focused on visual imaginations (ranging from Almodovar, Buñuel, and Fellini to new cinema works, with an emphasis on culturally diverse perspectives). Course requirements: Weekly readings (to be announced), an oral presentation, a final project, exams, quizzes, and brief written assignments as necessary. Attendance is crucial.