DMS 462 Game Design

Lison :: M/W 11am-12:pm :: CFA 242

Pre Req’s – junior or senior status- Game Design is a production course on the design of games, both computer-based and analog.

Games are considered as a new art form; in order to create compelling games, students must be aware of the particularities of the form in both structural and aesthetic terms. Clearly the most important difference between games and other art forms are the interactive and interpersonal dynamics of gaming. Core issues of game design: What is a game? What is the nature of play? What makes for good game play? What are the core characteristics and structure of a game? What are the roles of engagement, narrative, and interactivity in games? The course encourages experimental thinking about the boundaries and possibilities of gaming. Students work in teams to produce a complete game via a thorough, hands-on grounding in the process of game design, including brainstorming, paper prototyping, play-testing, and iterative design. From conception to play-testing, it fosters the skills required to produce, examine, and critique games.
 Lab fee $125.

Fulfills Advanced Production.