DMS 441 Advanced Video Production

Waham :: Tu 5-8:40pm :: CFA286
Reg# 22383

This course addresses the hands-on practice of video production while closely observing the aesthetics of the various stages of video and audio workflow, with a critical examination of form and content.
The objective of this course is for the students to develop the ability to capture video images in various locations under controlled and uncontrolled lighting conditions, record audio, and edit those elements together to tell a compelling story.
Through intensive practical projects and exercises, the course offers insight into the essential requirements of film and video storytelling and provides hands-on instruction on the technical processes required to successfully produce short films and videos. Filmmaking is a collaborative process and students are encouraged to explore different crew roles (directing, cinematography, sound recording, editing and post sound) over the projects and exercises that will be assigned in the course, in addition to in-class workshops, discussions and screenings.

Fulfills Advanced Production requirement.

Prerequisites: 341

Lab fee is $125