DMS 218 Creative Professional Practice

Matt McCormick :: M/W 1-2:50 :: CFA 278

Whether producing independent features or documentaries, directing music videos, or creating advertising or web-content, understanding the behind the scenes process is imperative. “Creative Professional Practice” is a production course that explores the basic components of producing film and video at a professional level and prepares the student for the tumultuous life of a maker. The course introduces the concept of the “creative professional’ and explores the skills, both creative and organizational, one needs to be a successful filmmaker or artist in today’s landscape. We will pull back the curtain to reveal how directors pitch projects, how films are funded, and what steps must be taken for a project to get off the ground. The course will put equal emphasis on both the creative and organizational aspects of motion picture production- breaking down the jobs of both the director and producer, and explore the process of turning the seed of an idea into a completed film or video production. Throughout the course we will produce short video assignments, breakdown scripts and create budgets, learn to write effective treatments and proposals, explore the fund raising process, consider film-set protocol, discuss film festivals and distribution strategies, and engage in creative exercises. Students will work both independently and in groups, and should be
prepared to spend significant time outside of class working on assignments. $100 lab fee.

Prerequisites: Basic Video DMS 103 OR DMS 105 (required) and Intermediate Editing DMS
217 (suggested)

. This course can count towards the “non- *” Intermediate Production course or as an elective.