DMS 331 Social and Mobile Media

staff :: T/TH 3 – 4:50pm  :: CFA244

This course is an investigation into mobile and social networks. It will take a bottom-up approach, initially focusing on the infrastructure of mobile networks and the development of online social networks historically. Students will learn to identify network infrastructure in the built environment and will gain hands-on experience with historically significant and alternative forms of online communication.

This knowledge of our place in history and the basic functioning of networks will stand us in good stead to analyze modern social networks. The class will survey mobile and online culture on a global scale across a variety of platforms, including notable artworks that engage with the topic.

Students will learn the basics of creating a mobile apps using PhoneGap. Assessment will be based on the completion of two intermediary projects and one final project that may take the form of an app, an online performance, experiment, or other artwork that engages with the social or mobile network. As an intermediate class, students are expected to have had prior experience with scripting or programming (e.g. javascript, python, processing) though absolute expertise is not required. The course would be an ideal complement to courses such as DMS480 Social and Media Networks and DMS417 Media Geographies, for students interested in an ‘under the hood’ look at networked media.

Lab fee: $125

Fulfills Intermediate Production Requirement.