DMS 316 Community Based Art

Curry,Laura E :: Online

This is an intermediate production class for those who would like to use video, audio, performance, object, direct engagement, etc. for projects grounded and framed in community collaborations.

Students will produce a series of approximately 4 small projects paying attention to the social, political, and cultural contexts that frame their everyday life, and which will act as the groundwork for their final project, and project proposal.

The first few projects will focus on site research as the student develops relationships and/or ideas with community groups, specific sites, or other community entities.

The students are required to work in teams and are encouraged to remain open to unexpected tools and mediums of expression that best frame their community based art project.

The expectation is that the students will have knowledge of any technology they wish to use. The instructor encourages an open class dialogue via the class website where ideas, knowledge, project documentation, and technology tips are freely shared as part of the class process.

Because this is an on-line class, the instructor will use the Internet to bring the students “with” her during a month long residency in Mexico to begin the semester in January. The instructor will meet with students, in person at their project site(s) in Buffalo NY beginning in March, at mutually agreeable times arranged by the students and the instructor.

“Education for Socially Engaged Art: A Materials and Techniques Handbook” by Pablo Helguera is the required text. Other reading material will be provided in pdf via the course website.

The class will meet twice weekly online: Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00pm to 2:00pm EST as video chat or text chat sessions.