DMS 315 Hacking Social Media

Curry, Derek Charles :: T/TH , 1pm – 2:50pm :: CFA244

Recent developments in social media provide a wealth of data and opportunities for new ways of interacting that had previously not existed.  Social media shapes the way people interact with each other and is a fertile, but under-explored space for artists to experiment.  In this production class, we examine the various uses of, and ways of interacting with, social media.  Student projects will interface with social media using the APIs provided by sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and experiment with alternative modes of interacting and data mining.  The first project of the course will be a Twitter bot that will make automatic queries and posts to Twitter when prompted by either an automated search or another user’s post.  Subsequent projects will explore the use of web-crawlers, the use of data from Facebook, the DIY programming of Facebook apps, creative data visualization, and the use of sensors or QR codes to add physical interaction. Familiarity with social media interfaces is not necessary, but students should have some prior experience with programming. Lab fee is $100.

Fulfills Intermediate Production Requirement.