DMS 215 J Portfolio Production

Session J
Stadelmann :: M/W 1pm-4.40pm
reg# 11126

Are you a transfer student or a current UB student? Have you taken at least two basic production courses and intend to become a Media Study major in the Production concentration?

If yes, then this course is designed for you!

Learn how to present yourself and your work in an academic and professional context. Get prepared for the Fall 2013 Portfolio Review if you plan to enter the Media Study Department as a major. Learn how to apply to film festivals and shows.

During this six week course we will look at portfolio examples of artists and filmmakers. Students will develop an artist statement, a presentation of their work online, and an understanding of the Media Study portfolio review process required of incoming majors.

This course is geared towards incoming transfer and current UB students who have taken at least two basic production classes. Students who are eligible may submit to a portfolio review in the beginning of the Fall 2013 semester.

There are still some seats available, so register soon to reserve your spot for this summer session class. $100 lab fee.