DMS 215 Creative Technology Workshop

staff :: Friday, 9:00AM – 12:40PM :: CFA246

This course is divided into three five week modules: each module focuses on media and tech-based skills in a creative, collaborative, applications-based context. The three modules this semester are:
* creative projection scenarios * – Projection technology is increasingly used in art installation, music performance, and theatrical design – experiment with image capture, manipulation and projection layered over physical artifacts.
* wearable and ‘soft’ computing * – Use soft circuitry techniques (Lilypad Arduino, conductive paint, fabric, etc.) in the design and development of expressive and wearable projects. Focus on relationships between the body, technology, fashion, social interactions, and the environment.
* Can you tell your story in 15 secs? Can you get it online in minutes keeping quality standards? How can your ideas become viral? – This module focuses on short-video sharing apps, mobile phone image capture, and fast/online editing for social networks and the web.

Lab fee: $100

This course will fulfill Intermediate Production or as an elective.