Glazier, Loss + Sarlin, Paige + Conrad, Tony :: M, 6:30-9PM :: CFA112
REG# 24069

PLASMA — Performances, Lectures, and Screenings in Media Art (PLASMA) is a speaker, film, and media arts series presented by the Department of Media Study and co-sponsored by numerous related SUNY Buffalo departments, programs, institutes, and centers, presenting acclaimed, innovative, and adventurous forays across shifting media-arts boundaries. PLASMA speakers present outstanding currents of thought in the field, including media theory, New Media work, artistic practice, game studies, gender and technology, robotics, locative media, performance, media poetics, and a multiple of related interdisciplinary approaches.

Enrolling in PLASMA offers the additional opportunities to explore further in depth the issues and ideas at hand. In addition to guest speakers, the 2015 course, will include a screening film series on art and art culture. Course sessions will be led principally by me, with guest speakers being introduced by faculty host presenters. Undergrad students will read a short essay each week, share their work, keep a course journal, and remain impeccable about attendance.


Fulfills Intro to Interpretation or Media and Culture Requirements