Waham/Rhee :: M 6- 8:40PM :: CFA 112

Performances, Lectures, and Screenings in Media Art (PLASMA) is a course in which students are exposed to contemporary practices and discourses in media art and culture. Beyond the model of a lecture series course, PLASMA engages students in performative, field-based and workshop encounters with professional practitioners operating at national and international levels of visibility. Roughly every other week brings a guest to the course, with alternating weeks providing an opportunity for screenings, critical reflection and discussion. Readings are assigned to complement topics addressed in the work of guest practitioners, including publications of their own, where relevant. The course is part of the undergraduate foundations sequence in Media Study, but is also open to graduate students who meet in a graduate only section to discuss graduate implications of the course content and to explore further concepts and practices.

Fulfills Basic Theory and Intro to Interpretation or Media and Culture.