DMS 198 UB Seminar: Media-Saturated World

Pape :: T 9:00AM – 10:00AM :: Cfa 235
REG# 23668

This course introduces transfer students to the field of Media Study, focusing on the key forms that constitute media in modern culture. Students develop a critical perspective on mainstream media – considering media as representational forms as well as aesthetic, social, and/or political practices. Students will view/interact with a wide range of media works in the context of media theory that critically addresses the relations between viewers, producers, and consumers. Students will use the UB e-portfolio to assemble and organize their responses to this material.

As well as theoretically understanding the scope and impact of media in a computer-based society, Media Study involves decoding media representations and being able to create and communicate ideas and information using established and emerging media. Therefore, in this seminar students are introduced to the choices available in the Department of Media Study, in terms of both analytical and production work. Students are also familiarized with the UB Curriculum program and the opportunities to integrate multiple disciplines.

“For Transfer Students ONLY.”