DMS 193 Intro To Journalism

Galarneau :: W 7:00PM – 9:40PM :: TBA
REG# 18867

This course is a gateway into the Journalism Certificate program and teaches students to research, report and write news and feature stories for print, broadcast and the web. It also provides an overview of American journalism standards and an introduction to American media and press law.

Students learn to conduct interviews, use quotes, and write in Associated Press style. They also learn the importance of accuracy, integrity and deadlines. Students analyze the merit and structure of good (and bad) news stories and focus on how journalists tell stories differently in print, radio, TV and on the web.

Students will have in-class quizzes and take-home writing exercises, designed to help them master the fundamentals of news writing. Those include two stories that students will take from start to finish: shaping a story idea, identifying sources and interviewing them, then crafting the material into final written form. In addition to a textbook, students will read selected stories in class pertinent to class discussions.

This course is a Pre-requisite to the Journalism Certificate Program.