DMS 108 M Film History II

Session M
Roussel :: Online Course
reg# 10288

This course is a survey of significant films produced between 1945 through the late 1970’s. Movements/films will include post -WWII US [Wyler’s The Best Years of Our Lives], Italian Neo-Realism [DeSica’s Bicycle Thief], French New Wave [ Godard’s Masculine/Feminine] as well as a selection of filmmakers from the 1960’s and 70’s including Fellini, Bergman, etc. Since this was not only a productive time for film but for film theory as well I include important critical works that provide a context for these films.
This is an on-line course. Students are expected to access these films on their own. Where possible, I’ve chosen films that stream on Netflix but this is just a suggestion. Beyond viewing of the films themselves, the critical readings will be provided to students through the course website. In addition there will be regular chat room meetings, a course blog. Assignments include short essays on the films, regular responses to the critical readings and a final. Fulfills Introduction to Analysis requirement.