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  • Mar 14th 2011


    E-POETRY 2011
    International Digital Language | Arts Festival
    May 18-21, 2011
    University at Buffalo
    Web registration now available! Specially-priced advance registration offered during March 2011 only!

    If you are interested in the emerging edge of language-informed arts practice, whether as a poet, writer, artist, media innovator, scholar, teacher, performer, or in any other disciplines, E-Poetry offers a context for practice and analysis that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. For its tenth anniversary, E-Poetry has been brought back to Buffalo, a central and accessible location for its activities. It will provide a mix of practices, with the emphasis on emerging practices in multiple disciplines that find themselves embedded or even just on the edge of the digital. It will convene a celebratory (in the triumphant spirit of preceding historic poetry festivals) and thought-filled gathering of 150 artists, writers, and scholars from 40 countries — a diversity and culturally rich offering that won’t be found elsewhere.


  • Jan 24th 2011

    The Eyes of the Skin, Art and Senses: SOUND

    The Eyes of the Skin, Art and Senses: SOUND
    February 11th through May 22nd
    @ Burchfield Penney Art Center 1300 Elmwood Avenue Buffalo, NY 14222

    Featuring work by Mark Shepard, J.T. Rinker and Alexandra Spaulding
    Curated by Stefani Bardin

    Sunday, February 13th at 3pm
    Live performance of Mark Shepard’s Hertzian Rain featured in this show.
    Hertzian Rain is an interactive and sonorific sound performance.

    About the Exhibition:
    The Finnish architect Juhani Pallasmaa wrote a book entitled The Eyes of the Skin: Architecture and the Senses in which he argued against the isolating ocular-centric paradigm in western culture and its impact on phenomenology in favor of a more holistic model of multi-sensory architecture of integration. The series of exhibitions at The Burchfield
    Penney Art Center The Eyes of the Skin: Art and the Senses shifts the focus from visually based art toward work that is grounded in a sensorium of sound, smell, taste and touch.

    Work from each individual sense will occupy the for a period of months so the public can focus on each of the four senses separately and over a period of time in order to experience the environment within a different
    phenomenological model. After each of the four exhibitions, there will be a comprehensive group show in 2012 throughout the museum, of all the work from each of the four senses (plus some new artists and some new
    pieces) that will allow the public to be immersed in this holistic and re-envisioned sensorium of perception.

    The first exhibition, Sound, will be an investigation into what Marshall McLuhan calls the re-casting of technology with which to understand and act on the world. The three artists: Mark Shepard, J.T. Rinker and Alexandra Spaulding utilize different aural modalities but also different lenses through which to cultivate and express acoustical

    For more information, please visit:

  • Jan 10th 2011



    20th and 21st of January 2011

    @ Palazzo delle Arti of Naples, the PAN Museum in Naples, Italy
    OLE (Officina di Letteratura Elettronica)

    Glazier Exhibition: Middle Orange | Media Naranja
    Glazier Performance: [ 8vo ]
    Glazier Presentation: Una Piccola Historia della Poesia Elettronica

    Exhibition screening of Middle Orange, performance of digital poem [ 8vo ], and paper presentation of Una Piccola Historia della Poesia Elettronica by Media Study Faculty Member, Dr. Loss Pequeño Glazier, as an invited participant at OLE.

    The OLE (Officina di Letteratura Elettronica) Workshop of Electronic Literature conference and festival will be the first significant event in the field of digital literature hosted in Italy. The workshop will allow the OLE to introduce the field of Electronic Literature as it is practiced in Italy. Artists and researchers worldwide shall meet and present their research and works. This will permit researchers to present their latest research and artists to premier their newest works.

  • Dec 8th 2010

    Reactionary Ensemble & Nimbus Dance: SURROUND: VISUAL

    Surround: Visual
    December 8th at Asbury Hall in Babeville
    341 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, NY

    Surround: Audio/Visual is a brand new 2-part performance by the Reactionary Ensemble commissioned as part of Beyond/In WNY 2010. Reactionary Ensemble is a roving circuit of improvisational artists and musicians looking to merge sound and vision into an immersive, multidimensional experience. Fluid in nature, these sensory-based performances unleash streams of transitory sounds and visual images to stimulate a hypnotic, primordial, trance-like state of spontaneous free association.

    Surround: Visual is the final performance of Beyond/In WNY. The show will feature a 40-ft diameter screen surrounding the audience designed by architect Brad Wales. The screen will have 8 different live mixed videos projected onto it mixed by 8 different video artists utilizing the same audio data from the instruments.

    Reactionary is also working with dance company nimbus dance, following the successful collaboration radio/ACTIVE at this summer’s Infringement Festival. The dancers will wear Wiimotes to track their motion data, which will also be converted into visual data for the video artists to work with.

    Surround: Visual will feature over 25 artists, including dancers Elyssa Bourke, Erin Bahn, Beth Elkins, Nancy Hughes, Laura Matteliano, Angela Lopez, Leanne Rinelli and Bonnie Jean Taylor, video artists Cory Gath, Courtney Grim, Liz Knipe, Carl Lee, Jeff Maciejewski, Tammy McGovern, Brian Milbrand and Vince Mistretta, and musicians Jim Abramson, Kathleen Ashwill, Steve Baczkowski, Michael Basinski, Gabe Beam, Kevin Obrien Cain, Jenece Gerber, Mike Kimaid, Keir Neuringer, KG Price and T. Andrew Trump and Stage Director Melissa Shanahan.


  • Nov 17th 2010



    Glazier Poetics Reading
    Saturday, November 20, 2010
    @8:00 pm

    Featuring Media Study Faculty Member
    Loss Pequeño Glazier

    Poetics Affiliate Faculty at Work
    Steve McCaffery and Loss Pequeño Glazier

    Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum

    453 Porter Avenue, Buffalo, NY

    Presenting an on-going series featuring work by Poetics Affiliate Faculty

  • Oct 31st 2010

    E-POETRY 2011: International Literature, Media Arts & Digital Culture Festival

    May 18-21, 2011
    Location: SUNY Buffalo North Campus & Select Buffalo Locations
    E-Poetry 2011 update:

    Still six months away, E-Poetry 2011 already has 50 participants as of October 31, 2010, from 19 countries! E-Poetry 2011 promises to be an exciting, historic, and truly international festival, hopefully helping to pioneer new paths in its field.

    Registration for the Festival is now available. Please register in advance, if possible, to assure availability and do keep it starred as a beacon of warmth on your spring calendar!

    You can register here:

  • Sep 23rd 2010



    A curatorial collaboration of twelve regional museums and galleries, Beyond/In Western New York 2010: Alternating Currents is a contemporary, multi-venue arts exhibition. It will present the work of outstanding artists from Western New York and Southern Ontario, Northeastern Ohio and Northwestern Pennsylvania and for the first time, feature the work of artists from outside the region, blurring the local with the global and challenging the assumptions of what these distinctions mean today, when all artists are both.

    Beyond/In kicks off this evening, Thursday, September 23, 2010 with a high-wire walk at the Liberty Building by reknown French tight-rope walker, Didier Pasquette.

    Featuring the participation of many artists affiliated with the Department of Media Study including: Josephine Anstey, Jordan Dalton, Elyse Harzynski, Barbara Lattanzi, Carl Lee, Luke Noonan, Dave Pape, Cayden Mak, Brian Milbrand, Geoffrey Alan Rhodes, Anna Scime, Mark Shepard, Jessica Thompson, members of virocode and more.

  • Sep 16th 2010


    Beyond the Multitude

    OPENING: Sunday, September 19, 4-8pm

    September 17-23, 2010
    @ Blink Galleries 464 Amherst Street, Buffalo, NY 14207

    Scajaquada. The oldest word in use on the Niagara Frontier, and both source for and subject of an exhibition celebrating ecosystem, neighborhood, history, and place through innovative work from regional artists, activists, historians, performers, and practitioners.

    TOUR:  Tuesday, September 21, 4pm.
    Leaves from 464 Amherst Street

    LECTURE:  Tuesday, September 21, 6pm.
    By Franklin LaVoie at Polish Cadets Hall.

    PERFORMANCE:  Thursday, September 23, 10am.
    By Jessica Thompson starting at Forest Lawn Cemetery and moving through Buffalo’s East Side.

    WATERSHED CLEAN-UP:  Saturday, September 25, 9am.
    Meeting at American Legion Post 1041, 533 Amherst Street.

    For more information, please visit:

  • Sep 3rd 2010

    E-POETRY 2011: An International Digital Literature Festival


    May 18-21, 2011
    SUNY Buffalo North Campus
    & Select Buffalo Locations

    Returning from venues in London, Paris, and Barcelona, the E-Poetry Festival presents three and a half days of emerging digital poetry, poetics, and new media, drawing from numerous countries, discourses, and modes of practice.

    Please check for information as it becomes available.

  • Aug 2nd 2010

    Buffalo Infringement Fest on WBFO

    wbfoinfringement fest

    BUFFALO, NY (WBFO) – The 6th Annual Buffalo Infringement Festival kicked off this past weekend in Allentown, celebrating the city’s rich arts & cultural scene. WBFO’s Lauren Mook (DMS BA ’09) spoke with the Festival’s organizers, musicians, performers, and attendees about what makes this festival so unique.

    To view the WBFO News article, please go to:

  • Jul 28th 2010

    EROTIC ECONOMIES Release/Screening


    Saturday July 31 8:30pm – 10:30pm
    @ “the Lawn” 88 West Utica Street, Buffalo, NY 14209

    Free preview, celebration & outdoor screening of experimental shorts curated by Media Study MFA candidates Anna Scime & Liz Flyntz for the Erotic Economies journal.

    Ranging from hand-processed abstract film to dirty animation, this selection features work by: Jamie Moore, Max Bernstein, Josh Parkins, James Boatwright, Tony Conrad, Joshua Strauss, Scott Ries, Robby Rackleff, Mili Pradhan, Sophie Hamacher, Michael Beitz, Masha Sha, Justin Chouinard & Reinhard Reitzenstein.

    Refreshments will be available (though feel free to bring your own too)

    Bring bugspray and blankets!

    At least PG13.

    Night lawn party starts at 8:30pm, with Screening at 10:00pm.

  • Jul 28th 2010

    2010 Buffalo Infringement Festival

    infringement fest

    The 2010 Buffalo Infringement Festival
    Thursday, July 22 — Sunday, August 1

    Featuring Media Study students and faculty. Over 700 performances! Over 350 plays, bands, art installations, films, parties, etcetera! Over 50 venues (and non-venues) in and around the Allentown neighborhood of Buffalo, NY!

    Media Study folks include: Intermedia Performance Studio, Jordan Dalton, Ron Douglas, Ekrem Serdar, Liz Chow, Josh Parkins, Michael Beitz, Masha Sha, Anna Scime, Neil Terry, Joshua Strauss and Lulldozer.

    The official schedule is online! See the schedule page for the complete list of shows, including updates to the printed program in the July 22 ArtVOice.

    Art Under the Radar
    Every summer, the streets of Buffalo come alive with scores of events by local and visiting theatre and dance companies, puppeteers, media artists, poets, comics, musicians, cabaret acts, digital designers, and miscellaneous insurrectionists. The annual Buffalo Infringement Festival provides artists and audiences of all backgrounds the chance to come together, take chances, push boundaries, and explore uncharted territory because exciting art can happen anywhere, anytime, without a blockbuster budget. (Or any budget at all, for that matter.)

  • Jun 1st 2010

    LOSS PEQUEÑO GLAZIER performs at ARCHIVE & INNOVATE June 6, 2010

    archive and innovate pic

    Professor Loss Pequeño Glazier performs “Front(era): the Gelato Prado”, an improvised digital poem, at Archive & Innovate: The 4th International Conference & Festival of the Electronic Literature Organization, organized by Writing Digital Media in the Literary Arts Program, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, June 6, 2010. Visit for more info.

  • May 13th 2010

    Saturday: virus.circus

    This Saturday night, May 8th, join us for VIRUS.CIRCUS – a mixed reality performance extravaganza with California performance artists Micha Cardenas and Elle Mehrmand.

    VIRUS.CIRCUS merges live performance with internet webcams and virtual worlds to reflect on virus hysteria, politics, gender and erotica.

    //due to recent viral outbreaks, protective latex barriers must be worn at all times//cover your cough! be a virus fighter! we want our citizens to be safe, healthy and happy//skin to skin contact may result in viral contamination//touching, and illness, are prohibited by law//failure to comply will result in a minimum of 10 years in a federal penitentiary.


    Sponsored so kindly by SUNY Buffalo Graduate Student Association, Department of Visual Studies, Department of Media Study, Interdisciplinary Group for Advanced Praxis, Department of Visual Studies GSA, and Department of Media Study GSA.

  • Apr 27th 2010

    Artists & Models: STIMULUS, May 1, 2010

    stimulus poster

    Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center presents the 22nd incarnation of Artists & Models: STIMULUS, a rousing evening of art installations, performances and live music at the Rock Harbor Yard, 57 Tonawanda St., Buffalo. This year features the work of Media Study grad students, alumni and faculty including work by 404 Error (Anna Scime, Isaac Johnson, Liz Chow, Josh Parkins, James Boatwright, Scott Ries, Olivier Delrieu-Schulze, John Fink, Brian Clark), Al Larsen, Vincenzo Mistretta and Tammy McGovern, among others.

    Visit Hallwalls to learn more. They are also looking for volunteers!

  • Apr 19th 2010


    dms student show

    Please join us for the Media Study End-of-the-semester STUDENT SHOW!
    Monday, April 26, 2010

    112 Center for the Arts (Screening Room)

    5:30 PM through Intermission:

    CFA 2nd Floor (Follow signs)


  • Apr 15th 2010

    SOUNDZILLA: Class show April 25, 2010


    Date & Time: Sunday, April 25, 7 – 9:30PM
    Location: Soundlab, 110 Pearl St., Buffalo, New York 14202

    Students from the Department of Media Study at the University at Buffalo will be presenting a FREE exhibition of sound art at Soundlab.

    The exhibition, entitled SOUNDZILLA, is a collection of final projects by students in Intermediate Sound Art, an undergraduate-level course taught by Jessica Thompson in the Department of Media Study, University at Buffalo. This exhibition is supported by the Department of Media Study and Soundlab.

    Many of the projects are interactive. Gallery visitors will be invited to participate in the projects over the course of the evening.

    FEATURING WORK BY: Geoffrey Cook, Laura Diemer, Alec Erlebacher, Martin Freeman, Erica Grisanti, David Jamieson, Kirill Kolomyts, Ryan Mallette, Allen Mapenzauswa, Julia Norris, Michael Schmitz, Carl Smith, Will Stachnik, Alex Sunga, Jerry Theresanathan, EJ Vogel, Jesse Wekerle

    More info on their Facebook page:!/event.php?eid=111128785580706&ref=ts

    For more information, please contact:

    Erica Grisanti:

    Michael Schmitz:

    Jesse Wekerle:

  • Apr 15th 2010

    VIDEO VS FILM Class Show April 22, 2010

    video v film

    Thursday, April 22, 2010
    Exhibition: 7 – 10:00PM
    Screening: 8 PM
    Sugar City, 19 Wadsworth St, Buffalo, New York 14201

    Students in Basic Film (DMS 101) and Creative Video Workshop (DMS 217) from the Department of Media Study at the University at Buffalo will be presenting VIDEO VS FILM, a FREE exhibition and screening of film and video art Thursday, April 22nd @ Sugar City.

    The VIDEO VS FILM extravaganza will feature video installations and a screening comprised of individual and collaborative works by students. This exhibition is made possible through the generous support of the Department of Media Study, UB and Sugar City.


    FILM: Derek Caputi, Christine Cortes, Adam Danishefsky, Shiri Kester, Tal Kissos, Erica Ladd, Mike Martinez, Brittnay Maxon, Rodney Montgomery, Lisa Papke, Mollie Riester, Xavier Riley, Carl Ross, John Rusk, John Scherer, Jon Shapiro, Kirk Stevens, Lukas Weinstein

    VIDEO: Samuel Avery, Jillian Bliss, Colin Brennan, Tina Chang ,Kevin Gratien, Jayson Johnson, Nicholas Meyer, Matthew Minotti, Conor O’Donnell, Anthony Peacock, Clarence Seneca, Kyle Toth, Travis Tynan, Robert Van Valin, Jieying Yan

  • Apr 8th 2010

    Signal Scavengers (w/ live A/V performances by Voidologists + Lulldozer)

    signal scavengers

    Saturday, April 10, 2010, 8:00pm – 10:00pm
    @ Squeaky Wheel
    712 Main Street, Buffalo, NY

    Featuring Media Study grad students Olivier Delrieu-Schulze and Scott Ries and BA ’07 Aimee Buyea!

    Join us for the opening reception (7:30pm) of SIGNAL SCAVENGERS, a video and sound-based installation environment created by ad-hoc media collective 404 error.

    404 error is a group of buffalo situated media makers, artists, and cultural producers:

    “The 404 or Not Found error message is a HTTP standard response code indicating that the client was able to communicate with the server but either the server could not find what was requested, or it was configured not to fulfill the request and did not reveal the reason why. 404 errors should not be confused with “server not found” or similar errors, in which a connection to the destination server could not be made at all.”

    Starting at 8pm, you can catch two live audio-visual performances by The Voidologists and Lulldozer II during the opening reception.

    The Voidologists is the one-man band of Dave Pierro, improvisational harsh/minimalist noise artist, accompanied by abstract video projections by Stacey Pierro.

    Lulldozer II is an experimental 4-piece electro-acoustic improvisational sound band, consisting of members of 404 error: Olivier Dietrich, Kyle Butler, Scott Ries and Aimee Buyea.

    Installation will be on view until May 8th, 2010.

  • Apr 1st 2010

    TONY CONRAD performs live on WFMU


    On radio station WFMU April 1, 2010 (TODAY — this afternoon!) from 3-6PM on Strength Through Failure with Fabio: Tony Conrad and Throbbing Gristle/Thee Majesty/Psychic TV mastermind Genesis Breyer P-Orridge illuminate Studio B with a live violin collaboration! The duo performed first together last year at Issue Project Room at a show presented by filmmasker Marie Losier and the results were a now-sold-out LP on the Dais label. Tune in for sublime sounds and as usual with each of these artists in the past on the show, some lively conversation with Fabio!

  • Mar 16th 2010



    MFA Candidate Justin Chounard will be featured in Big Night this saturday. He says:

    amongst the other (visual, audible, gastronomic) events happening this night, i will be screening the sound of crickets and performing valen in the grove a film/projector/artist interaction.



    @ Western New York Book Arts Center

    Saturday, March 20, 2010 @ 8:00 PM
    Sponsored by: Just Buffalo, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo State


    * Poetry! BILL BERKSON!
    * Video by Shasti O’Leary Soudant
    * Film by Justin Chouinard
    * Food! Geoffrey Gatza presents a feast

    LOCATION: Western New York Book Arts Center, 2nd Floor | 468 Washington St. @ Mohawk


  • Mar 16th 2010

    "Networkederive", a collaborative performance by JESSICA THOMPSON


    MFA candidate, Jessica Thompson, will be doing a performance called networkederive as part of the Media Architecture Colloquium this Wednesday @ 12:30 PM EST.

    Networked Derive is a collaborative performance that takes place simultaneously between two geographically-separate locations. Using mobile phones, twitter feeds and a simple mapping system, performers in both locations engage in a series of geographical occupations that coincide with the movements through the other city. read more….

  • Mar 15th 2010


    2-5pm, Wednesday, March 17, 2010
    301 Crosby Hall, South Campus
    University at Buffalo

    This half-day event brings together artists, architects and researchers to examine the evolving overlaps, intersections, and exchanges between the fields of Architecture and Media Art in the 21st century. As media, communication and information systems become embedded in and distributed throughout the material fabric of our daily lives, new opportunities (and dilemmas) emerge for the design and construction of the built environment. At the same time, these pervasive transformations in how we access, consume and produce contemporary media and information challenge traditional models for how we conceive, perceive and interact within physical space. Bringing together faculty from the departments of Architecture and Media Study at the University at Buffalo with faculty from the Media Architecture program at the Bauhaus–Universität, Weimar, Germany, this international gathering aims to highlight emerging transdisciplinary practices that integrate architectonic and medial space in the creation and construction of these emerging hybrid environments.

    The program consists of a six presentations and pair of panel discussions accompanied by a live, networked event/performance involving students from both Buffalo and Weimar.

    Dean Brian Carter, College of Architecture and Planning and Senior Associate Dean Charles Stinger, College of Arts and Sciences

    “Micro Public Places”
    Marc Böhlen, Associate Professor, Department of Media Study, University at Buffalo

    “Current Projects in Interface Design”
    Jens Geelhaar, Professor, Faculty of Media, Bauhaus–Universität, Weimar

    “Cosmopolli / An Atmospheric Commons”
    Jordan Geiger, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, University at Buffalo

    “The Blind Screen”
    Omar Khan, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, University at Buffalo

    “Wandering Line: performing sites through sound”
    Teri Rueb, Professor, Department of Media Study, University at Buffalo

    “MediaArchitecture at the Bauhaus”
    Sabine Zierold, Professor, Faculty of Architecture, Bauhaus–Universität, Weimar

    Organized and moderated by:
    Mark Shepard, Assistant Professor, Departments of Architecture and Media Study, University at Buffalo

  • Mar 8th 2010

    AL LARSEN @ Magma Fest 2010, Seattle, WA

    magma fest 2010

    DMS Instructor Al Larsen plies his media and music skills this month in Hollow Earth Radio’s Magma Fest 2010.

    From Hollow Earth Radio’s website:

    Hollow Earth Radio’s 3rd Annual Magma Festival will occur throughout the month of March in Seattle, WA. This year, we have crafted 10 amazing shows of live performances around town at all-ages venues including: The Vera Project, The Mine in Ballard, 20/20 Cycle, The Fremont Abbey Arts Center, The Henry Art Gallery, Healthy Times Fun Club, Shafer Baillie Mansion, The In, and Kenyon Hall in West Seattle. Find out more….

  • Feb 1st 2010


    Thursday, February 4, 2010
    7:30pm – 9:00pm
    Sugar City
    19 Wadsworth Street, Buffalo, NY

    (Entrance at Side)

    Facebook Event:

    After a short hibernation, (OK, it’s still winter) Dorkbot Buffalo returns to Sugar City this Thursday. Featuring presentations from Jax Deluca and Dino Husejnovic.

    Presenter Bios:

    Jax Deluca is an artist who lives in Buffalo, NY. Her sonic artwork has been designed for gallery and public installation, video and film, performance and theater productions. She teaches workshops in experimental and strategic sound-making at Squeaky Wheel/Buffalo Media Resources.

    Audio recording, sonic compositions, and live sound performance work contains use of vocal toning, electronic and handcrafted instruments, guitar, piano, and found objects ranging in the genres of classical, avant-garde, new folk, free improvisation, and immersive noise. Current projects include multi-dimensional sound paintings under the name of Communication Vault and live vocal and electronic sound processing with W ((aa)) ou w, a free improvisational group.

    Jax will be talking about studio practice and will be demonstrating some of her technical processes.

    Dino Husejnovic is an undergraduate Media Study student at the University at Buffalo. His interests include sound, video, interface design, social media, and user-generated content. Projects include interactive tilt-shift photography, soundscapes and collaborative location-aware sound mixing.

    Dino will be presenting an interactive, participatory performance.

    Next Dorkbot:
    Thursday, March 4
    Stephanie Rothenburg
    Cayden Mak
    Paul Vanouse

  • Jan 21st 2010



    January 23 – February 14, 2010
    In the East Gallery and Project Space

    Opening Celebration:
    Friday, January 22, 2010 from 5:30-8:30pm

    Featuring, among others, work and performances by Media Study’s Tony Conrad and Elliot Caplan.

    This continuous 23-day performance of sound, music, film and lectures composed and performed by those who studied with, were influenced by or knew the composer during his 30+ visits to Buffalo from 1966-1991. The ongoing art happening with its choreographed interplay of live and taped performances transforms the cavernous East Gallery.

    Download the 23-day performance schedule

    with works by: John Cage, Michael Basinski, John Bacon, Brian Milbrand, Andrew Deutsch, Kyle Price, J.T. Rinker, Tom Kostusiak, Jeff Proctor, John Toth, Bill Sack, David Lampe, Peter Ramos, Michael Colquhoun, Elliot Caplan, David Felder, Bohuslav Martinu, Jacob Druckman, Eric Satie, and Ron Ehmke.

    with performances by: A Musical Feast, Bugallo/Williams Duo, Bufffluxus, Buffalo State College Percussion Ensemble, Michael Basinski, John Bacon, Brian Milbrand, Andrew Deutsch, Kyle Price, J.T. Rinker,Tom Kostusiak, David Lampe, Ed Cardoni, Tony Conrad, Peter Ramos, Brad Fuster, Don Metz, Bill Sack, Ron Ehmke, Jeff Proctor, Michael Miskuly, Diane Williams, Jan Williams, Pam Swarts, Alan Kryszak, Michael Colquhoun, Daniel Darnley, Peter Evans, Jacob Frasier, Xiaohang Li, Mathew Tate,Cris Fritton, Jeannie Hoag, Mike Mahoney, Holly Meldard, and Steve Zultanski.

  • Dec 17th 2009


    You may have missed…

    Friday, December 11, 8pm
    Latvian House, 491 College St.
    Toronto, CA
    (More info at

    … but check back for details about Tony’s upcoming screening at Squeaky Wheel early next year (scheduled for Thu, Feb. 25th 8:00pm)….

  • Dec 10th 2009

    Media Study Undergraduate Student Show + Graduate Student Show

    The Media Study Graduate Student Club will be hosting an Undergraduate Student Show followed by a Graduate Show in the Open Graduate Studio.

    Date: Thursday, December 10, 2009
    Time: 7:00pm – 11:00pm
    Location: 278 Center for the Arts + Open Graduate Studio (286), UB North Campus

    Bring your work to the show!!! As the order will be determined by chance (names out of a hat).

  • Dec 4th 2009

    Francesco Gagliardi: Six Reconstructions

    Saturday, December 5, 2009
    8:00pm – 10:00pm
    @ Sea and Space Explorations – Los Angeles, CA

    new performance(s) by Francesco Gagliardi

    this event is part of the series Instruments of Risk, curated by Asher Hartman and Carol McDowell

  • Nov 16th 2009

    FREEQUENCIES: Intermediate Sound Art exhibition @ Soundlab

    Sunday, November 22, 7 – 9:30PM
    Soundlab, 110 Pearl St., Buffalo, New York 14202

    Students from the Department of Media Study at the University at Buffalo will be presenting an exhibition of sound art at Soundlab.

    The exhibition, entitled Freequencies, is a collection of final projects by students in Intermediate Sound Art, an undergraduate-level course taught by Jessica Thompson in the Department of Media Study, University at Buffalo. This exhibition is supported by the Department of Media Study and Soundlab.

    Many of the projects are interactive, and gallery visitors will be invited to participate in the projects over the course of the evening.

    Featuring work by:

    Chris Anderson
    Jake Barber
    John Blume
    Colin Brennan
    Justin Brylinski
    Christine Cortes
    Nathan Cramer
    Kevin Diehl
    Joseph Hewitt
    Dino Huseinovic
    Nicholas Kryder
    Steve Lopian
    Matthew Lorentz
    Anthony Martini
    Benjamin Paine
    Bobby Tan
    Sam Turner
    Sam Wanamaker
    Paul Weingart

  • Nov 10th 2009

    dorkbot BUFFALO

    dorkbot BUFFALO
    Thursday, November 12, 2009
    7:30pm – 9:30pm

    Sugar City, 19 Wadsworth Street, Buffalo, NY

    This week’s Dorkbot will feature the following presentations:

    Stefani Bardin – “The Pharmacology of Taste”
    Evelyn Killaby – “Theremin as Computer Input Device”

    Stefani Bardin is a media maker interested in the intersections of food, technology and science. By examining industrial food production and using such tools as artificial smells (that “flavor” our food supply) and gastroenterology technology Stefani looks at food as both a mediating agent and phenomenological reference point within our society and how its role has changed through the modern influences of technology and corporate culture.

    Evelyn Killaby has recently graduated from the Computer Science department at the University at Buffalo and currently works as a web-based software engineer for Synacor, Inc. in downtown Buffalo. Among the many ideas floating around in her brain is the notion of building theremin-based computer input devices that branch into the realm of wearable computing and theremin-based desktop input devices that can be used for manipulating multidimensional data. In this presentation, Eve will demonstrate a proof-of-concept to show how input data is gathered through user interaction with a theremin and will briefly explain the physical phenomenon that makes this type of user interaction possible. Following this, she will present concept sketches pertaining to how we might re-envision the theremin as an advanced input device, leveraging its smart, cheap, and low-tech nature. This presentation will begin a series of critical appreciations of theremin-based innovations.

  • Oct 26th 2009

    DMS Conference Fundraiser – Night of the Living Dead

    night of the livind dead

    The DMS Grad Conference Committee will be presenting a screening of the zombie classic Night of the Living Dead (Romero, 1968) with LIVE comedians doing commentary. This MST3K inspired event will be held at Squeaky Wheel this Wednesday, October 28th. Doors are at 8PM and admission is a $5 donation. All proceeds go to the DMS “Building Better Worlds” grad conference fund. For more information on the event please visit our facebook event page.

  • Oct 5th 2009

    Dorkbot Buffalo Returns!

    People doing strange things with electricity

    Dorkbot Buffalo presents:
    Erik Conrad
    Luke Noonan
    Scott Ries

    Thursday, October 8, 2009
    7:30pm – 9:30pm @ Sugar City
    19 Wadsworth St., Buffalo, NY

    RSVP on Facebook

    Join the Group

  • Oct 5th 2009

    Digital Media Poetics presents Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries

    As part of the Digital Media Poetics Events Series

    heavy industries pic

    Monday, October 5 (Gender Week Event), 3-5 PM, 112 CFA

    Monday, October 19, 3-5 PM, 232 CFA

    Monday, November 9, 3-5 PM, 232 CFA

    Monday, November 16, 3-5 PM, 232 CFA

    All events will take place in the Center for the Arts, SUNY Buffalo, North
    . Sponsored by the Electronic Poetry Center , Dept. of Media Study, SUNY Buffalo and, in part, by Gender Week, Institute for Research and Education on Women and Gender. Series Curators: Loss Pequeño Glazier and Anna Scime.


  • Oct 1st 2009

    Films by Ekrem Serdar @ Just Buffalo/WYBAC's "Big Night"


    Sponsored by: Just Buffalo, Talking Leaves Books, Western New York Book Arts Collaborative
    Saturday, October 24, 2009 @ 8:00 PM

    Venue Information:
    Just Buffalo @ WNYBAC
    Western New York Book Arts Center
    2nd Floor | 468 Washington St. @ Mohawk
    Buffalo, NY
    Phone: 716.832.5400 | Email:

    * Eileen will read from her new book, The Importance Of Being Iceland
    * The Buffalo Poet’s Theater will present excerpts from Myles libretto “Hell”
    * Chef Geoffrey Gatza will present his culinary creations
    * Ekrem Serdar will screen his short films

  • Sep 4th 2009

    Conversation Pieces

    conversation pieces

    Conversation Pieces (featuring the performative scent/sound installation, marketplace, by Media Study’s Stefani Bardin) is an exhibition that brings together projects by artists who stage, subvert, provoke, intervene in or document public dialogues. These projects have multiple, often interrelated objectives: claiming public space, time and attention to start specific conversations around specific issues; questioning the current states, definitions, and limits of dialogue in the public realm; and presenting alternative possibilities for or re-imaginings of the public through various models of participation in (variously public) dialogues.

    Exhibition: 9/11/2009 – 12/19/2009
    Opening reception Friday, September 11, 2009, 7PM to Midnight
    @ CEPA Gallery
    617 Main Street, Suite 201
    Buffalo, NY 14203

  • Sep 1st 2009

    Biçimsizler / The Shapeless: Three Experimental Filmmakers

    the shapeless

    Recent event featuring MFA candidate Ekrem Serdar:

    Biçimsizler / The Shapeless
    Three Experimental Filmmakers

    Pera Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
    Saturday, August 15th, 2009, 17:00

    The Shapeless brings together three experimental filmmakers who work outside traditional cinematic techniques. With different approaches, Eytan Ipeker, Yoel Meranda and Ekrem Serdar ask questions on what cinema can be. In this selection that encompasses cell phone videos, miniDV and Super 8mm films, cellist Dilbağ Tokay will preform live for one of Ekrem Serdar’s films. A Q and A with the directors will take place after the screening. This event is free of charge.

  • Jul 3rd 2009

    ELAPSE (point of origin): Lindsey Lodhie's MFA Thesis Exhibition @ Squeaky Wheel


    ELAPSE (point of origin): miles, hours, minutes

    When: Saturday, July 11th, 2009
    7pm Opening Reception
    8pm Screening & Performance Works in Translation

    Where: Squeaky Wheel – 712 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14202

    Cost: FREE

    Contact: Jax Deluca – / 884-7172
    or Lindsey Lodhie – / 503-819-6920

    Elapse is a multi-channel film/video installation exploring spatial and temporal mapping through single-frame 16mm animation and experimental time-lapse photographic recording. Installation view consists of eight discrete journeys originating from two points of origin (one in the NE region of the country, Buffalo, NY and one in the NW region of the country, Portland, OR). Each journey was photographed frame by frame with B&W 16mm print stocks according to a given rate of capture (such as 10 frames per 10 minutes). This MFA thesis exhibition by Lindsey Lodhie will be on view in Squeaky Wheel’s NEW Upstairs Installation Gallery Space from June 18th – August 29th. Following the Opening Reception is a screening of works by Lindsey Lodhie & Francesco Gagliardi at 8pm.

    Works in Translation
    Video and Performance by Lindsey Lodhie & Francesco Gagliardi
    Screening at 8pm, (following Opening Reception of Elapse)

    trans·la·tion |trans_l_ sh _n; tranz-| noun

      • a) the process of translating words or text from one language into another
      • b) a written or spoken rendering of the meaning of a word, speech, book, or other text, in another language
      • c) the conversion of something from one form or medium into another
    1. [formal or technical] the process of moving something from one place to another

    A program of single channel film/video and live performance exploring the notion of translation as a crossing – from one medium to another, from one form to another, from one place to another.

  • Jun 6th 2009

    Tony Conrad featured at 53rd Venice Biennale

    Professor Tony Conrad featured in and performs at the 53rd Venice Biennale, June 3 to November 22, 2009.

    June 3rd, 2009, 6:00 to 7:30PM, Teatro Piccolo
    Tony Conrad performs Snapping the drone, followed by a conversation with Klaus Biesenbach

    More info at the Venice Biennale website and blog.